Rapid Feasibility Studies for Novel Routes to Direct CL-20 Intermediates
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-017
Topic Title: Rapid Feasibility Studies for Novel Routes to Direct CL-20 Intermediates
Proposal No.: N141-017-0609
Firm: Omm Scientific, Inc
2600 N Stemmons Freeway, Suite 129
Dallas, Texas 75207-2119
Contact: Donald Stewart
Phone: (214) 350-9156
Web Site: www.ommscientific.com
Abstract: The overall technical objective is to identify one or more promising synthetic methods for the preparation of a direct intermediate to CL-20 that uses commodity reagents and enable CL-20 to be prepared at a price of $150/lb. The intermediate will likely be a tetra- or hexa-acyl hexaazaisowurtzitane cage known to be convertible to CL-20 in good yield. The Phase I approach is to rapidly determine feasibility of five proposed routes to a direct CL-20 precursor. LC/MS analytical methods will be developed to quickly screen aliquots of reaction mixtures for novel hexaazaisowurtzitane* (HAIW) intermediates and other products. Statistical design of experiments (sDoE) will guide broad sampling of reaction space and define key parameters and potential interactions. At least 5 grams of a direct intermediate will be made and thoroughly characterized chemically and by energetic material screens for safety at LLNL. In the Phase I option period, up to two promising methods will be subjected to intensive sDoE study of key parameters, the interactions of these parameters, and the optimization of yields and purity of the desired product in response surface studies.
Benefits: Efforts will result in a cost effective, green process to make CL-20, a powerful, safe energetic material for US Federal government and private industry used