Information Extraction and Scoring System
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-037
Topic Title: Information Extraction and Scoring System
Proposal No.: N141-037-0456
Firm: Securboration Inc
1050 W NASA Blvd
Suite 155
Melbourne, Florida 32901
Contact: Bruce McQueary
Phone: (321) 591-7371
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Abstract: The United States Navy (USN) continues to face difficult sustainment challenges, compounded by incessant budget constraints and edicts to `do more with less'. To address these challenges, the USN has standardized on Performance Based Logistics (PBL) as the main component to Total Life Cycle Systems Management. With its emphasis on performance measures, PBL has the potential to greatly improve warfighter logistic support. However, to date PBL has not lived up to its potential. Key impediments include the inability to (1) collect data across the many disparate structured `gold' data sources (2) process and extract information from unstructured acquisition and product related data sources and (3) fuse structured and unstructured information to achieve a viable current-readiness solution set - all of which must be done within the context of performance-based workflow. To address these challenges Securboration Inc., teaming with STIMULUS Engineering Services, proposes to develop the Maritime Electronic Warfare (MEW) Sustainment Information Card or MEWSIC to contribute to the MEW's vision for PBL and Product Support Strategy (PSS). MEWSIC will utilize provide novel based Securboration's advanced text analytic pipeline capability to exploit both structured and unstructured data sources to derive a true picture of a system's operational status and risk factors.
Benefits: MEWSIC has the potential to provide the Navy with significant progress towards its Performance Based Logistics vision. The application of advanced text extraction capabilities exponentially increases the amount of valuable sustainment information that can be used to derive a true picture of a system's operational status and risk factors. MEWSIC also will ensure that initiatives such as the Navy's Integrated Data Environment live up to their potential as facilitators of information sharing. Possible commercial areas that can benefit from MEWSIC include just-in-time / vendor managed inventory. The increased situational awareness that MEWSIC provides on internal operations status can be applied for optimizing inventory processes.