Information Technology Analytical Maintenance and MOnitoring (IT-AMMO)
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-030
Topic Title: Information Technology Analytical Maintenance and MOnitoring (IT-AMMO)
Proposal No.: N141-030-0645
Firm: Harmonia Holdings Group
2020 Kraft Drive, Suite 1000
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060-6491
Contact: Rich Kadel
Phone: (619) 940-7424
Web Site:
Abstract: Harmonia is proposing to develop the Information Technology Analytical Maintenance and MOnitoring (IT-AMMO) system, a software application for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and Distance Support (DS) for IT systems aboard LCS ships. IT-AMMO will help the LCS Program monitor health and status information, identify problems more accurately, perform remote analysis of system trends to predict failures, and enable remote monitoring and maintenance of LCS systems by ashore subject matter experts, to reduce the impact on the ship's crew with IT management and maintenance concerns. IT-AMMO will adapt to LCS on-board IT systems through a generalized interface to make it easier to support current variations of LCS interfaces and future enhancements. IT-AMMO will provide status dashboards, a rule engine, alerts, and analytic visualizations and tools to drill down to the pertinent data for decision-making. IT-AMMO will also address network resiliency and security concerns to permit remote maintenance of onboard systems. IT-AMMO's generalized framework for data acquisition, predictive analytics, and distance support will provide the fundamental building blocks to enhance the LCS mission, and be adaptable to other maintenance domains within the LCS program, other applications in Navy IT and maintenance, DoD, Federal, and commercial adaptations.
Benefits: Harmonia's Information Technology Analytical Maintenance and MOnitoring (IT-AMMO) system will automatically monitor IT system health, help predict future IT failures so they can be addressed before a critical failure, and take many of the typical IT concerns out of the sailors hands, by giving a remote LCS IT Subject Matter Expert (SME) the information and tools he or she needs to understand any IT problem, diagnose the issue to determine the root cause, and make remote repairs over the air. Predictive Analytics, built into IT-AMMO, give visibility into operational risk through advanced statistical algorithms and machine learning, to predict the future state of components. This allows the Navy to proactively maintain or replace parts based on need and risk as component health is assessed, rather than relying on periodic maintenance schedules that may be wastefully early or tragically late.