High-Power Phase Shifter
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-034
Topic Title: High-Power Phase Shifter
Proposal No.: N141-034-0213
Firm: Nuvotronics LLC
7586 Old Peppers Ferry Loop
Radford, Virginia 24141-8846
Contact: Steve Huettner
Phone: (800) 341-2333
Web Site: www.nuvotronics.com
Abstract: High-power-handling, low-loss (1 dB) microwave phase shifters hold the key to affordable electronically steerable apertures for radar and communications, eliminating the need for active TR modules at every element. Nuvotronics proposes a solid-state approach which will provide loss performance equal to or better than the best demonstrated MEMS phase shifters, reliably handle ten watts of peak power without gain compression, and switch in nanoseconds. Our approach exploits a state-of-the-art MMIC process and utilizes new architectures for 180 and 90 degree bits for flat phase states and low loss over wide bandwidths. In Phase I of this program Nuvotronics will execute linear models of four-bit solid-state phase shifters at S, C, and X-band to show feasibility of high-power solid-state phase shifters with less than 1 dB average loss. Our Phase I program will culminate in breadboard demonstration of a C-band 180 degree phase shifter bit with <0.8 dB average loss and >10 watts power handling using production-released MMIC technology. During Phase II we will demonstrate a complete four-bit MMIC design at X-band that meets all RF requirements at production cost target of <$15 in volume.
Benefits: This phase shifter work has significant market potential within existing DOD and commercial radar and communications systems, and will enable new market opportunities by dramatically lowering the cost of high-performance phased arrays.