Distributed Synthetic Environment Correlation Assessment Architecture and Metrics
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-006
Topic Title: Distributed Synthetic Environment Correlation Assessment Architecture and Metrics
Proposal No.: N141-006-1060
Firm: GameSim Inc
12000 Research Parkway
Suite 436
Orlando, Florida 32826
Contact: Kevin Wertman
Phone: (407) 688-0587
Web Site: www.gamesim.com
Abstract: GameSim is proposing to rapidly design and develop an extensible correlation assessment framework by reusing underlying technologies in Conform, an existing commercial off-the-shelf source data visualization and analysis tool developed by GameSim. GameSim will undertake a detailed research effort to identify the critical data points where miscorrelation can most influence fair fight between distributed flight simulators. This research will focus the framework development towards issues that are most relevant to modern simulation systems. The proposed correlation framework will be extensible to allow systems to introduce data for correlation testing from all runtime components within a distributed flight simulator system. GameSim will use its deep experience with plug-in development to design a correlation assessment system that is open, well documented, and easy to expand with new and better correlation analysis capabilities over time.
Benefits: GameSim intends to commercialize the technology that results from this SBIR in two ways. First, GameSim intends to reuse the correlation detection algorithms and result visualizations as a commercial plugin to GameSim's existing COTS product Conform. GameSim will market this suite of tools to all users of synthetic environments and GIS data for correlation analysis efforts. Adding correlation analysis strengthens our commercial product offering and solidifies Conform as an industry leading terrain tool. Secondly, GameSim intends to commercialize the correlation framework system and expand the target market internationally to defense forces that are developing training simulators, starting with the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom.