Low-Profile, Broadband, Shear-Mode SONAR Transducer for Deep Submergence Applications
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-066
Topic Title: Low-Profile, Broadband, Shear-Mode SONAR Transducer for Deep Submergence Applications
Proposal No.: N141-066-0881
Firm: Image Acoustics, Inc.
97 Elm Street
Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025
Contact: John Butler
Phone: (781) 383-2002
Web Site: imageacoustics.com
Abstract: This SBIR Phase I Proposal addresses the need for a low-profile, broad-band, high- performance, shear-mode tonpilz transducer that can operate at deep depths. In one approach we add a special suspension system to the Van Tol/Meyer tonpilz that allows operation at submarine depth with only a small impact on the performance. Two other less conventional approaches which would allow operation at even greater depths are also presented. All three designs are discussed with emphasis placed on the first design using finite element modeling and analysis, including a comparison with the original tonpliz design in addition to a hydrostatic stress analysis. All three designs would be investigated during the Phase I Basic program and the best candidate for the goals of this program would be selected going forward. The finite element analysis program ANSYS will be our main tool allowing us to accurately model, evaluate and compare the various designs with each other.
Benefits: The compact, light-weight, broad-band shear mode transducer will find applications in numerous civilian underwater applications: UUV and tethered ROV guidance, sea floor exploration/profiling, sea floor module mining, oil platform inspection/repair, and the like. The enhanced energy efficiency in untethered applications will dramatically decrease operating cost by extending effective utilization times per mission.