Adaptable Standardized Modular Infrastructure for Optimal Space Utilization
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-041
Topic Title: Adaptable Standardized Modular Infrastructure for Optimal Space Utilization
Proposal No.: N141-041-0803
Firm: Pacific Engineering, Inc
1074 Saltillo Road
Roca, Nebraska 68430
Contact: Dale Tiller
Phone: (402) 421-1345
Web Site:
Abstract: PEI is proposing to develop and produce a modular, low maintenance and cost-effective shower stalls for the Navy. The effort will design and fabricate shower stalls that require least number of standardized components, are adaptable to different shapes and sizes with optimum space utilization, possess high watertight integrity, quick and easy to install with little or no wastage of materials, are corrosion resistant and are affordable. PEI will focus work on developing innovative design concepts and advanced materials to achieve the targeted goals. PEI will utilize fire resistance, low smoke , non-toxic composite materials which are ideal in applications where corrosion resistance, low maintenance costs and high strength-to-weight ratios are desired. Modularity to fit different shapes and sizes along with future opportunities to other shipboard applications require meticulous designs. PEI has vast experience in developing innovative designs and manufacturing composites structures with wide range of reinforcements (E and S type Fiberglass, KevlarTM, and various Carbon fibers), resins (Polyesters, Vinyl Esters, Epoxies, and Polyurethanes), foams (honeycomb, closed core foams, PU, PVS, Polystyrene) and additives. PEI will design and and utilize cost-effective manufacturing of composites, that will have reliable transition from composite-to-metal designs, which is as critical as the composite structure itself.
Benefits: Low cost , long service life components for Navy shipboard sanitary spaces