Improved Reliability Laser Based Ignition System
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-021
Topic Title: Improved Reliability Laser Based Ignition System
Proposal No.: N141-021-0434
Firm: Princeton Optronics, Inc.
1 Electronics Dr
Mercerville, New Jersey 08619-2054
Contact: Bing xu
Phone: (609) 584-9696
Web Site:
Abstract: Navy needs improved reliability ignition systems for aerospace engines to reduce flameouts at high altitudes as well as reduce maintenance cost because of the need to frequently replace the conventional spark plug igniters for fuel ignition in the engines. Laser ignition, whose feasibility has been demonstrated in the past decade for conventional natural gas and gasoline engines is very well suited for ignition in the aircraft engines. They would be very reliable and would reduce the spark plug related repairs needed for the aircraft engines. They would also reduce engine flameout and reduce the relight time for the engines, improve the fuel efficiency and reduce the NOx emissions. The new technology of high power VCSEL pumps and VCSEL pumped solid state lasers developed at Princeton Optronics is finding application towards laser spark plugs for automobile and natural gas engine applications. Princeton Optronics wants to use this technology to make laser ignition systems for aerospace engines. In phase I, the feasibility of the approach will be studied and in phase II a prototype will be built and tested.
Benefits: The laser ignition solution will be very attractive for to the aerospace, automotive and natural gas standby power generation engines. Princeton Optronics wants to commercialize the laser igniters once they are developed under this SBIR. A multi-million dollar market is likely to open up with successful development of a product which will be exploited by Princeton Optronics.