Distributed Synthetic Environment Correlation Assessment Architecture and Metrics
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-006
Topic Title: Distributed Synthetic Environment Correlation Assessment Architecture and Metrics
Proposal No.: N141-006-0027
Firm: Dignitas Technologies, LLC
3504 Lake Lynda Drive, Suite 170
Orlando, Florida 32817
Contact: Freddie Santiago
Phone: (407) 601-7847
Web Site: www.dignitastechnologies.com
Abstract: The modeling and simulation industry has long been plagued by errors in synthetic natural environment representations and services which can impact training effectiveness. While synthetic environment errors can arise within a single format or across formats in a single simulator, the problem is greatly exacerbated when networking multiple simulators together over a network. To address these challenges, Dignitas Technologies and subcontractor Aero Simulation Incorporated (ASI) will leverage their extensive experience to provide NAVAIR with a comprehensive solution for distributed simulation correlation testing. Dignitas brings personnel with decades of experience in synthetic environments in general and correlation testing in particular. ASI provides domain knowledge for Navy and Marine Corps flight simulators as well as visual and sensor databases. Team Dignitas will building upon our existing government purpose rights toolset, Correlation Synergy (C-nergy), which provides a user-friendly interface to test and view different geospatial database formats, including the ability to rapidly examine test results, provide different parameters for automated tests, and facilitate manual testing where necessary. C-nergy provides a strong foundation, enabling Team Dignitas to focus on the tough problems encountered with correlation testing across distributed simulations.
Benefits: Dignitas' ultimate goal is to prepare for a Phase II effort that culminates in real, tangible improvements in geospatial correlation testing within and across Navy/Marine Corps flight simulators. Our Phase I effort will generate methodologies, algorithms, design, and a system definition for achieving improved quality of geospatial correlation as well as cost reductions in testing. We will use the results of Phase I to pursue other avenues for transition of this capability. Our approach will result in a multi-way benefit between Army-based concepts and related yet different Navy/USMC needs. A successful Phase I will mean that we have created a system flexible enough to meet a wide range of needs, support third party development, and adapt based upon parameterization. We have identified numerous commercialization and follow-on opportunities within our proposal. Dignitas has multiple funded efforts under way with related scope, and we are confident our existing customers will want to leverage the results of this SBIR. Given the opportunity to proceed into Phase II, Dignitas Technologies would continue to leverage our extensive experience with geospatial database testing and multiple funding sources.