Jamming Resistant Networking Technology
Navy SBIR FY2014.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2014.1
Topic No.: N141-035
Topic Title: Jamming Resistant Networking Technology
Proposal No.: N141-035-0605
Firm: Intelligent Automation, Inc.
15400 Calhoun Drive
Suite 400
Rockville, Maryland 20855
Contact: Marcos Bergamo
Phone: (301) 294-4756
Web Site: www.i-a-i.com
Abstract: We propose the design and development of JARNET - a jam-resistant networking technology that supports communications between unmanned surface vehicles and littoral combat ships under a variety of jamming conditions, including, continuous wave, pulsed and broadband noise. JARNET combines spectrum sensing, capacity-approaching channel coding, spreading and adaptive modulation to maximize spectrum utilization under various channel conditions, including jamming.
Benefits: The primary benefit of JARNET is jamming-resistance and adaptive behavior under varying environmental conditions, which is essential for current and future military communication systems. The technology will also find applications in the commercial sphere by providing cognitive capabilities to radios in an increasingly congested spectrum, especially in the unlicensed frequency bands or white spaces.