Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-015
Topic Title: Peregrine
Proposal No.: N181-015-0244
Firm: Soar Technology, Inc.
3600 Green Court
Suite 600
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
Contact: Jack Zaientz
Phone: (734) 887-7621
Web Site:
Abstract: SoarTech, Forward Slope, and Capt. Brian Donegan (US Navy, Retired), will develop Peregrine, a robust, ready to transition, 4D overlay generation capability. Peregrine will develop software services ready for Fleet Exercise (FLEX) exerperimentation and transition to the JMPS Multi-Vehicle Planner. Peregrine will provide air planners with services that (1) connect to, synchronize, and transform dynamic data, including geo-rectifying image and video data and vectorizing high-density raster data; (2) recalculate entity position and effects based on change, including support for automated geofencing and plan-based event detection; and, (3) visualize the resulting information in new air-planner oriented 4D overlay representations. These representations will be generated in multiple DoD and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) industry standard data formats to ensure that the products are available across multiple Naval visual display technologies including the JMPS Multi-Vehicle Planner. The Peregrine team members are Navy visual display thought leaders, with over a decade researching and fielding 4D spatio-temporal displays as well as extensive METOC, electronic warfare, air planning and UAV autonomy experience. Peregrine will leverage the teamƒ?Ts robust display architecture, which supports both the OGC stack and NGAƒ?Ts Common Joint Mapping Toolkit stack and includes components currently fielded by Navy programs of record
Benefits: Peregrine offers the Navy JMPS air planning community the following benefits ƒ?› Improved air mission and route planning, plan assessment, and course of action assessment through connection to and through recalculation based on changes to dynamic data sources including threat tracking, jamming, and operating area information, as well as blue force tracking and weather data. ƒ?› Improved coordination and responsiveness by generating innovative 4D spatial-temporal display overlays that are compatible with major Navy and industrial standards, enabling JMPS planners to easily distribute plan and plan assessment overlays. ƒ?› Rapid transition to fielded use by leveraging an advanced adaptive visualization manager technology that has been proven under multiple DoD experiments and fielded programs Peregrine offers commercialization through multiple DoD and commercial channels including: ƒ?› Rapid adoption by the multiple DoD C4ISR programs of record that already use, or are actively evaluating, SoarTech adaptive visualization technology ƒ?› Application to new DoD domains, including cyber defense, space, and logistics ƒ?› Application to a wide range of industrial, governmental, and non-governmental organization command and analysis domains including freight logistics, industrial cyber defense, and crisis management / humanitarian response ƒ?› Application through Esri ArcGIS partner network