Controlled Release Infrared Countermeasure ?" Enhanced Timing
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-014
Topic Title: Controlled Release Infrared Countermeasure ?" Enhanced Timing
Proposal No.: N181-014-0601
Firm: CMA Technologies, Inc.
12361 Challenger Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32826
Contact: Tom Mills
Phone: (407) 563-4914
Web Site:
Abstract: The MJU-49/B decoy is an infrared countermeasure dispensed by the ALE-47 countermeasure defense system to protect Navy aircraft form incoming threats that utilize infrared sensors. This decoy uses pyrophoric foils that react with atmospheric air upon release to give an infrared signature whose emissions are tailored to the threat sensors. The Navy has identified that greater protection would be afforded to aviators if the pyrophoric foils from a single countermeasure cartridge could be released in multiple increments rather than all at once. CMA Technologies, Inc. (CMA) is proposing a purely mechanical approach based on a proven, but inaccurate technology developed by our partner company Alloy Surfaces Company, the manufacturer of the MJU-49/B. In this project CMA design an accurate, reliable and robust purely mechanical system that will give highly tailorable release of pyrophoric increments. The timing and number of increments can be easily set at time of manufacture. Our approach will be rugged enough to operate across the full MJU-49/B environment to include temperature, vibration and shock and will have no HERO or electromagnetic concerns.
Benefits: This project will result in an infrared countermeasure that provides a greater level of protection of Naval Aviators than is currently afforded by any currently fielded device.