Advanced Target-in-Ocean Modeling Software (ATOMS)
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-052
Topic Title: Advanced Target-in-Ocean Modeling Software (ATOMS)
Proposal No.: N181-052-0980
Firm: Intelligent Automation, Inc.
15400 Calhoun Drive
Suite 190
Rockville, Maryland 20855
Contact: Satya Ponnaluri
Phone: (301) 294-4248
Web Site:
Abstract: As the Anti-submarine warfare (ASuW) and anti-air warfare (AAW) threats become more sophisticated, it is important for the surveillance and tracking algorithms to be able to detect and track these threats in the presence of heavy sea clutter. A fundamental problem is that accurate models of the environment and radar/IR returns are needed in order for the algorithms to be trained and validated. The underlining problem involves both hydrodynamics and electromagnetic (EM) simulations, and the overall problem is multi-scale, electrically large, and complex. There is a critical need to improve the fidelity of modeling the returns from sea clutter without sacrificing the real-time capability.
Benefits: The potential benefits include improvement of fidelity for combat system and navigation trainers, in the military and the commercial domain.