Interactive 4D Overlay Tool for Joint Mission Planning System
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-015
Topic Title: Interactive 4D Overlay Tool for Joint Mission Planning System
Proposal No.: N181-015-0005
Firm: Versagility Technologies
1240 Fairwood Drive
Huntingtown, Maryland 20639
Contact: Jon Jenkins
Phone: (301) 832-1641
Abstract: Team Versagility comprised of Versagility Technologies and DCS Corporation will provide a concept for an interactive four-dimensional (4D) Mission Rehearsal capability (4DMR) utilizing overlay data from multiple formats in support of situational awareness to make dynamic tactical decisions and to re-evaluate decisions. Our solution will utilize modern system architectures to deliver a standardized scalable solution to rendering 4-D geospatial data streams. Phase I approach is based on three areas: 4D Rendering, Microservice Architecture, and Data Architecture. The 4D Rendering area will perform studies that evaluate the technologies to overlay the 4D data. The Microservice Architecture area will focus on system design studies that will enable us to achieve our goal of developing decentralized solutions (autonomous services) that can be developed, operated, and deployed independently of the other services consumed by the product. Lastly, the Data Architecture area will focus on developing mission threads / use cases for rendering 4D data in order to design bounded context for which 4D overlays are used within the mission planning enterprise. Our studies will utilize forward looking technologies such as GraphQL, Cesium, and Service Oriented Architecture to develop a dynamic, pluggable tool that will aid in providing improved situational awareness to the Warfighter.
Benefits: Interoperability with JMPS / NOMS Dynamic ingestion of new data sources Architecture supports deployments to Desktop, Web, and Mobile devices Interoperability with Mission Planning Data Service Layer (JMPS FW 1.6) Long Term cost reduction through usage of industry standard open source