Rapidly Integrated Tactical Communications Payload
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-090
Topic Title: Rapidly Integrated Tactical Communications Payload
Proposal No.: N181-090-1250
Firm: CesiumAstro, Inc.
13413 Galleria Circle
Suite 225
Austin, Texas 78738
Contact: Shey Sabripour
Phone: (512) 818-6869
Web Site: https://www.cesiumastro.com/
Abstract: CesiumAstro proposes a software-reconfigurable and mechanically adaptable tactical communications payload (SR-ATP). The payload is envisioned as a modular system that can be added to commercial satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), extending Navyƒ?Ts communication systems. Military assets would send/receive data through the host satelliteƒ?Ts gateway link, where SR-ATP would exchange this data through its interface with the host. From there, SR-ATP would modulate/demodulate the data using a selected military waveform and transmit/receive the data through its RF front-end module (FEM) and the antenna. In this design, each tactical payload is composed of a common processing module and one or more FEMs and the antennas. The common module has an FPGA-based communication processor, Ethernet connection, memory, and a power conditioning unit. For the FEMs, Cesium will develop two RF personalities, one for UHF operations and one for L-band operations. In addition, Cesium will develop a payload bus that would support the modular payload and allow for a variety of integration options with the host satellite. Using the core module, one or more bus units, and one or more RF personalities, Navy would be able to quickly assemble payloads of various complexities and integrate them on a host satellite.
Benefits: The core hardware package implemented in this proposal will provide out-of-the-box, low power, modular communication systems for low earth orbit spacecraft, launch vehicles, UAVs, and military SatCom-On-The-Move ground terminals. The development in this project will allow CesiumAstro to extend its offering of communication products that enable the both the New Space industry and defense missions.