Riptide Low Cost Persistent Environmental Measurement Autonomous Undersea Vehicle (PEM-AUV)
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-012
Topic Title: Riptide Low Cost Persistent Environmental Measurement Autonomous Undersea Vehicle (PEM-AUV)
Proposal No.: N181-012-1271
Firm: Riptide Autonomous Solutions
36 Farmside Drive
Pembroke, Massachusetts 2359
Contact: Dani Goldberg
Phone: (857) 654-8693
Web Site:
Abstract: Through the innovative design of the Riptide micro-UUV, Riptide has demonstrated that smaller, much more capable AUVs can be used to cost-effectively match or surpass these long-standing platform capabilities and perform these legacy AUV missions at a fraction of the cost with greater persistence. Riptide proposes this new Persistent Environmental Measurement AUV (PEM-AUV) would fully satisfy PMA-290?Ts stated objectives, but would also provide a flexible, mobile capability for future developing missions. Mobility of the platform would also allow PMA-290 to position and reposition the PEM-AUV as desired, eliminating or reducing the impact of currents in the region of interest. The primary objective of the Phase I effort will be to develop the optimized vehicle solution capable of meeting or exceeding PMA-290?Ts stated goals for persistent environmental measurement. A design trade will be conducted across a range of parameters with PMA-290?Ts input on threshold and objective criteria. Riptide anticipates providing a mobile capability able to conduct multiple profiles per day for one month or more.
Benefits: There is significant potential for commercialization of the proposed low cost, adaptive, air-launched AUV for extended ocean sampling in the commercial ocean applications market segment, such as oil and gas or commercial fisheries as well as in Military and/or Federal applications. Improved undersea data collection rates are an essential requirement for expanding ocean applications and understanding, both commercially and militarily. The creation and proof of performance of an adaptive AUV for extended ocean data sampling in this proposed effort at an affordable cost will drive customer demand for higher data rates. The principal customers for this capability will include commercial offshore, scientific research, and military market sectors.