Multiple Decoy Sub-payload Timed Automatic Release Device
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-014
Topic Title: Multiple Decoy Sub-payload Timed Automatic Release Device
Proposal No.: N181-014-0296
Firm: Intellisense Systems, Inc.
20600 Gramercy Place
Torrance, California 90501
Contact: Jeffrey Norell
Phone: (310) 320-1827
Web Site:
Abstract: To address the Navyƒ?Ts need for a controlled release mechanism for multiple stacks of pyrophoric foils in a single decoy cartridge, Intellisense Systems, Inc. (ISS) proposes to develop a new Multiple Decoy Sub-payload Timed Automatic Release (MDSTAR) device. It is based on a cartridge assembly consisting of multiple ejectable, independently timed and triggered pyrophoric payloads. Specifically, the innovation in payload packaging design with integrated mechanical safety and adjustable timing fuse mechanisms will enable the MDSTAR device to accurately release and control the timing for multiple pyrophoric payloads from a single housing using a single standard CCU-136 impulse cartridge. As a result, this device offers a significant improvement to pyrophoric countermeasure IR signature and duration compared to existing countermeasure technology, which directly addresses the Navyƒ?Ts need to protect aircraft against modern missile seekers. In Phase I, ISS will demonstrate the feasibility of MDSTAR by completing the design and simulation of the main housing and sub-payloads prior to fabricating representative prototypes and completing ejection performance testing. In Phase II, ISS plans to fabricate inert and fully functional prototype MDSTAR assemblies for Navy flight testing, achieving technology readiness level (TRL)-7 upon completion.
Benefits: New, highly efficient decoys and chaff provide reliable aircraft protection from various threats while requiring a smaller size and having smaller mass in packaged form. The proposed development will at least triple the number of expulsion events and significantly increase the IR signature from these efficient countermeasure tools from the widely used AN/ALE-47 Airborne Countermeasures Dispenser System with no modification to the dispensing system; therefore, the existing system may be used for protection from modern IR seeker and imaging systems present on the next generation of surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles. The developed technology may also be used for the efficient protection of commercial aircraft.