Compact, Flexible Integrated Power Node Center for Direct Current Distribution
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-069
Topic Title: Compact, Flexible Integrated Power Node Center for Direct Current Distribution
Proposal No.: N181-069-0268
Firm: Diversified Technologies, Inc.
35 Wiggins Ave.
Bedford, Massachusetts 1730
Contact: David Cope
Phone: (781) 275-9444
Web Site:
Abstract: DTI proposes an air-cooled galvanically-isolated, high power density integrated power node center for DC distribution. The inputs will be 440VAC, 60 Hz and/or 1000 VDC and the outputs will be 440 VAC, 60 Hz, 440 VAC, 400 Hz, or 650 VDC, among others. The output will seamlessly transfer among inputs or outputs. The high power density of 3 MW/m3 can only be achieved by high frequency switched mode power supplies (SMPS) which DTI is well-experienced with. During Phase I, DTI will develop and demonstrate a high power isolation inverter capable of full power while meeting the galvanic isolation and insulation goals. The unit will be air-cooled, and will interface to sources and loads, as appropriate. A 3-phase active power-factor input module with controls will be also be demonstrated. Performance characteristics will be evaluated and reported to the Navy. In Phase II, DTI will work with the Navy to perfect the mechanical and electrical interfaces required for mission-critical ship-born electrical subsystems, ultimately leading to a full form-fit-function prototype for evaluation in the field by Navy sponsors.
Benefits: This effort directly relates to several initiatives at DTI for future systems, including: ? MVDC Electronic Systems - DTI continues to develop MVDC technology for a range of applications, including both commercial / undersea systems and Navy systems. Several of these are highlighted in Section 4.0 ? Naval Power Systems ?" DTI is currently working on 6 SBIR efforts related to Naval power electronics, with 4 currently in Phase II. This proposed effort extends those efforts into shipboard power control. ? High power density power electronics. Developing compact, high power control electronics has been an emphasis at DTI since its founding. These developments have supported radar transmitters for the Navy and USAF, the EMRG program, Navy VLF transmitters, and a wide range of commercial systems. ? WBG Device integration. After several decades of development, WBG electronics have reached a level of maturity and reliability that enables their use in Navy systems. This effort will extend that application to a broader range of power electronics for the military and commercial applications.