Ultra-Low Ripple 1000 Volt Direct Current Battery Charger
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-048
Topic Title: Ultra-Low Ripple 1000 Volt Direct Current Battery Charger
Proposal No.: N181-048-0264
Firm: Diversified Technologies, Inc.
35 Wiggins Ave.
Bedford, Massachusetts 1730
Contact: Robert Phillips
Phone: (781) 275-9444
Web Site: http://www.divtecs.com
Abstract: Future Navy pulsed power systems, including lasers, directed energy systems, and railguns will require short-term prime power sources exceeding currently available shipboard capacity. Battery systems are being developed to support this peak power demand on an as-needed basis. Batteries can be charged over a relatively long period of time at low power from an existing AC or DC bus. Ripple current is a primary factor of merit for battery charging, as it contributes to internal heating, and accelerates degradation of the battery cells. Ultra-low ripple, variable-rate charging and voltage maintenance of these batteries will require compact, efficient, EMI-tolerant, and reliable battery chargers capable of operation over a range of current, voltage, and power settings. Under this SBIR effort, Diversified Technologies, Inc. will develop and deliver a Compact, Ultra-Low Ripple, 1000V, 35 kW Battery Charger with a power density greater than 3 MW/m3. Variable-parameter output modes will provide charging and battery maintenance over a range of commanded current, voltage, and power profile conditions, and will include a low-power maintenance discharge capability.
Benefits: DTI?Ts development of a precision, power-dense battery charger will feed several initiatives in the future, which will benefit a range of military, industrial, and high energy physics customers - all of whom would benefit from more compact power systems. Finally, the knowledge and experience gained from furthering our work with wide bandgap semiconductors in this SBIR will promote the integration of SiC into DTI?Ts existing and developing technologies/product lines. This in turn will strengthen our technical capabilities, keeping us up to date with leading edge technology and will help to drive equipment sales