Near the Ocean Surface Imaging through Atmospheric Turbulence
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-044
Topic Title: Near the Ocean Surface Imaging through Atmospheric Turbulence
Proposal No.: N181-044-0858
Firm: Arete Associates
P.O. Box 2607
Winnetka, California 91396
Contact: James Robert
Phone: (818) 885-4956
Web Site:
Abstract: AretAc proposes the development of the Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigator (ATM), a fully automated and near real-time contrast enhancement and deblurring capability for removing the effects of atmospheric turbulence from periscope imagery. Leveraging the Local Contrast Enhancement (LCE) algorithm delivered and successfully integrated into APB-11, and utilizing our deep experience in developing image enhancement algorithms for the Integrated Submarine Imaging System (ISIS), AretAc will develop a series of algorithms for mitigating the contrast reduction caused by atmospheric scattering and the spatiotemporally variable blur caused by the turbulent effects on the local refractive index. ATM will reduce the effects to the maximum extent possible in a near real-time system, improving the periscope operatorâ?Ts ability to perform manual navigation, identify nearby target vessels, and maintain situational awareness.
Benefits: Anticipated benefits of AretAcâ?Ts Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigator (ATM) include: (1) enhancement of local contrast and (2) reduction of spatiotemporal blur in periscope imagery.