Network Traffic Analysis for Cybersecurity for Navy Industrial Control Systems
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-035
Topic Title: Network Traffic Analysis for Cybersecurity for Navy Industrial Control Systems
Proposal No.: N181-035-1214
Firm: Mission Secure, Inc.
300 Preston Avenue
Suite 500
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Contact: Rick Jones
Phone: (434) 284-8071
Web Site:
Abstract: The MSi EagleEye Platform is a patented, commercially available industrial control system (ICS) security solution that provides unprecedented operator visibility from the HMI/engineering workstation to the specific control devices (meters, sensors, actuators). The Platform conducts comparative analysis and change detection on the raw signals of an ICS, which enables the Platform to monitor ICS networks and identify traffic that identifies anomalous activity both on the ICS network and at the specific control devices. In STTR N16A-T013, â?oCyber Forensic Tool Kit for Machinery Controlâ??, MSi proved the ability to apply the Platform within the existing infrastructure to provide full system visibility and monitoring of ICS network traffic. The MSi EagleEye Platform effectively â?osensorizes the ICS digital, serial and analog networkâ??, and that full system awareness can enable a predictive maintenance application, which is anticipated to save the Navy 25% - 30% on annual maintenance costs. The MSi Platform is commercially deployed to DoD UAV systems, hardened avionics, oil & gas customers, electrical generation and distribution utilities, building/facility ICS, and automated traffic systems. With the previous STTR completed, MSi offers to deliver a shipboard prototype within 12 months of initial SBIR Phase I award, provided a Phase II is also awarded.
Benefits: The MSi EagleEye Platform can provide unprecedented visibility, alertment and automated protective capabilities to any ICS â?" maritime Hull, Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) and ship control/propulsion, buildings and facilities security, base utilities and power distribution, space and ground control systems, operation centers and command centers, hardened avionics, Unmanned Platforms (air, ground, surface, sub-surface). The MSi EagleEye Platform is infrastructure agnostic, threat agnostic, and application agnostic. The mechanism of â?osensorizing the ICS digital and analog environmentâ?? enables the MSi EagleEye Platform to detection and identify zero days, n-days, insider threat, supply chain compromise, and active attack. The Platform does not require regular configuration management, asset management, or patching, which typically consume a substantial amount of IT security resources. The predictive maintenance component of the MSi EagleEye Platform is anticipated to save the Navy 25% - 30% of annual maintenance costs and increase system reliability by up to 20% - 25%. This could realize $2B+ in annual maintenance savings.