System for Machine-Instruction-Level Emulation (SMILE)
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-030
Topic Title: System for Machine-Instruction-Level Emulation (SMILE)
Proposal No.: N181-030-0041
Firm: Architecture Technology Corporation
9971 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344
Contact: Barry Trent
Phone: (952) 829-5864
Web Site:
Abstract: To allow for testing, maintenance, validation, and even ongoing development of CMS-2Y applications Architecture Technology Corporation (ATCorp) proposes the Aegis System for Machine-Instruction-Level Emulation (SMILE). SMILE will allow for direct execution of existing AN/UYK-43-based CMS-2Y applications within the X86/Linux-based environment of the Aegis Test Bed.
Benefits: In essence, SMILE will be a software-based virtual machine capable of directly executing AN/UYK-43 machine language on a modern X86 computing platform. Any software which was compiled for the AN/UYK-43 will be able to be run on the SMILE virtual machine emulator. This includes not only the CMS-2Y applications that are the core of older ACS baselines but also the underlying operating system(s) and CMS-2Y development tools which are native to the AN/UYK-43 platform.