Flexible perovskite LED with CNT electrodes
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-002
Topic Title: Flexible perovskite LED with CNT electrodes
Proposal No.: N181-002-1004
Firm: Solarno Inc.
153 Hollywood Drive
Coppell, Texas 75019
Contact: Alexios Papadimitratos
Phone: (972) 883-6533
Web Site: http://www.solarno.com
Abstract: Solarno Inc., Dallas, TX and Texas State University, San Marcos, TX will develop a novel roll-to-roll compatible, cost-effective method to manufacture high-efficiency, ultra-light-weight, flexible LED lighting panels based on hybrid organohalide lead perovskite light emitters and carbon nanotube transparent electrodes. We will fabricate the panels on aluminized polymer films using industry proven and scalable slot die coating process. CNT films will be self-laminated on top of the device stack in vacuum-free, cost-effective, and roll-to-roll compatible process. Solarno specializes in roll-to-roll manufacturing of self-supporting CNT films. In this project, we will utilize spray-coated Ag nanowires to improve CNT electrodes resistivity and reach target of 10 Ohm/sq, and optical transmission T=90%. Solarno will work closely with Texas State University to optimize the hybrid organohalide lead perovskite LED devices and characterize perovskite films deposited on various aluminized plastic substrates. During 6 month option period Solarno and TXST will measure lifetime of devices fabricated and investigate scalability and producibility of the fabricated prototype devices.
Benefits: The proposed technology has enormous potential due to low cost, low weight, flexibility, disposability, and scalability. It is ideal for numerous solid state lighting applications. Advanced lighting technologies can significantly improve the energy efficiency of lighting and reduce building energy consumption, costs, improving domestic energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.