Leveraging a Robust Data Architecture for Rapid Combat System Integration, Testing, and Certification
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-053
Topic Title: Leveraging a Robust Data Architecture for Rapid Combat System Integration, Testing, and Certification
Proposal No.: N181-053-1136
Firm: Skayl LLC
103 Railroad Ave
Westminster, Maryland 21157
Contact: Gordon Hunt
Phone: (650) 743-1040
Abstract: Traditional integration approaches include numerous hand-generated and maintained mediation gateways, bridges, and interface adapters. Each integration evolution requires a full evaluation of every interface in every system, introducing errors resulting from incomplete understanding of data and its semantics. This traditional process yields brittle and incomplete integration solutions, inadequately tested software prone to error, and most significantly, one-off integration efforts with every system modification. This proposal leverages SkaylÉ?Ts first generation sematic-aware integration compiler, and seeks to research, test and quantify further developments to this technology including the development of techniques for real-time signal and state management. This innovation will provide a more efficient and more cost-effective integration solution that can be dynamically reconfigured as requirements, systems, and interfaces (and even as real-time operational conditions) change. During the SBIR, Skayl will identify fundamental concepts relating to signals, state and behavior as related to the needs of combat systems and formally document them in a data model. Skayl will then develop metrics & approaches for testing real-time integration in order to provide quantitative results of increases in efficiency as well as identifying areas for further development and improvement.
Benefits: The competitive advantage of our product is that it delivers a rapidly scalable, resilient solution for real-time data communication across disparate technologies, devices and protocols. Skayl intends to commercialize the solution we develop under this SBIR in defense, space exploration, medical, (Industrial) Internet of Things and Smart City markets. The Navy and Army are both current customers who have voiced a strong interest in using our developing technology. Municipalities developing Smart Communities, like the City of Westminster, have also expressed a keen interest as they look for solutions to grow their IoT infrastructure out from Smart Neighborhoods and into the realms of Public Health and Safety, Energy and Infrastructure. Specifically, we expect to work with the City of Westminster in their Smart Community project to validate our claims regarding the increased efficiency of integration as the ecosystem grows.