Scheduling Algorithm for Efficient and Effective Predicted Intercept Points (PIPs) for Multiple Targets
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-055
Topic Title: Scheduling Algorithm for Efficient and Effective Predicted Intercept Points (PIPs) for Multiple Targets
Proposal No.: N181-055-0020
Firm: Corvid Technologies, LLC
145 Overhill Drive
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
Contact: Dylan Sweeney
Phone: (256) 705-1100
Web Site:
Abstract: Corvid Technologies proposes to develop a robust, fast running algorithm to calculate predicted intercept points (PIPs) for cooperative missile guidance of interceptors against multiple threats. These strategizes will determine the number of interceptors to be launched, their launch times, which threats they will engage, and will coordinate their flight paths to enhance lethality, avoid debris, and lower cost. This algorithm will be developed using a two-tiered approach. First create a large database of optimized PIPs spanning many different threat scenarios by using global optimization. Second use this database to train a neural network to create optimized PIPs in real time. This algorithm will be customized to the specific capabilities of the AEGIS Combat System (ACS) through comprehensive simulation in order to cover the complete range of potential threat scenarios.
Benefits: In the Phase III Corvid will dedicate computer hardware and technical personnel to the continual development of the neural network based PIPs scheduler. Corvid will keep the optimization architecture up to date with the latest version of the Combat System Test Bed (CSTB). Corvid will also keep its threat models up to date with the latest developments in threat technology. Corvid will work with prime contractors to ensure the successful deployment of the AEGIS PIPs scheduler. CorvidÉ?Ts expertise and commercialization experience is further enhanced by our significant annual revenue from commercial industry. Corvid provides our technology-based solutions to commercial customers such as General Motors Racing (NASCAR, IndyCar), US Olympic teams, and several Large Primes to assist in their internal research and development efforts. CorvidÉ?Ts government customers include the Missile Defense Agency, Army Research Lab, United States Marine Corps, Naval Research Lab, PEO IWS, Navy Pacific Missile Range, USSOCOM, Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, and partnerships with the Department of Energy Labs.