Through the Air Link Optical Component (TALOC) for RF Denied Communications
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-027
Topic Title: Through the Air Link Optical Component (TALOC) for RF Denied Communications
Proposal No.: N181-027-0012
Firm: 4S - Silversword Software and Services, LLC
2903 Traymore Lane
MD, Maryland 20715
Contact: William Ziegler
Phone: (301) 514-7805
Abstract: Operations of military aircraft within Anti-Access/Aerial Denial (A2/AD) or RF denied theaters of operation has become more challenging recently. In addition to manned aircraft, the proliferation of autonomous UAVs in defense applications requires advancement of communications capabilities over current technologies. Combining RF and optical communications interfaces offer distinct advantages over RF-only systems. A significant example is seamless communications and operations in RF denied arenas, providing a critical advantage over enemy forces whose communications are completely blocked.
Benefits: TALOC is a low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) optical communications device that: ? Acquires and maintains a broad band communications link between two platforms in line of sight with one another ? Measures azimuth and elevation angle relative to each platform reference from one TALOC to another communicating TALOC and vice-versa ? Measures distance between communicating TALOC units ? Sees through atmospheric disturbances (clouds/fog) TALOCs preferably operate in the Near Infrared (NIR) at a wavelength that is eye safe, has low detectability, and low moisture absorption, enabling high transmission through clouds, fog, and high humidity areas.