Ultra Narrow RF-Photonic Tunable Filtering Module
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-050
Topic Title: Ultra Narrow RF-Photonic Tunable Filtering Module
Proposal No.: N181-050-1220
Firm: Photonwares Corporation
15 Presidential Way
Woburn, Massachusetts 1801
Contact: Guanghai Jin
Phone: (781) 935-1200
Abstract: Leveraging Photonwaresâ?Ts industry-leading development and production of fiber optic components and modules, we propose a new class of high-performance RF-Photonic tunable filtering module. The approach is based on recent progress in doped optical fiber, and multiple phase-shifted FBG technologies closely coupled with the fiber index change induced by laser illumination to push the bandwidth, resolution and dynamic range as well as the response time beyond the current state-of-the-art. The novel fiber-optic based RF-Photonics tunable filter system has several advantages over conventional approaches, including ultra-narrow bandwidth with top-flat, high resolution, large tuning range, fast response, and low power consumption. The technical approach will be proven in Phase I through numerical analysis, design, and experiments. The fully functional prototype module will be produced and tested in Phase II for delivery to the Navy.
Benefits: RF-Photonics tunable filter with super-resolution, ultra-narrow bandwidth, top-flatness and tuning range will provide the capability of RF photonic signal distribution systems for next-generation electronic warfare (EW) platforms. This novel RF-Photonics tunable filter also has wide civilian applications. Optical band-pass filters are used to isolate signals falling within a defined spectral range from a broader spectrum signal. Tunable band pass filters are used for dynamically selecting this spectral range allowing for channelization of the spectrum. This technology is applicable to RF Photonic signal distribution systems associated with 5G cellular technologies.