High Energy Fiber Laser Components
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-080
Topic Title: High Energy Fiber Laser Components
Proposal No.: N181-080-0822
Firm: Photonwares Corporation
15 Presidential Way
Woburn, Massachusetts 1801
Contact: Yuanxin Shou
Phone: (781) 935-1200
Abstract: Photonwares Inc. proposes to develop a new fiber optic isolator configuration with improved performance in forward and backward optical power handling exceeding 50W and reduced size/weight. The new design incorporates several novel technologies that leverage the companyƒ?Ts production experience and understanding of the high power properties in fiber components by fundamentally addressing key aspects of high power damage risks inside fiberoptic isolators. Phase I will provide detailed simulations and design optimization. We propose to fabricate prototypes of key components to validate the proposed underlying technologies. Photonwares is well positioned to transition these developments into practical products, based on our existing product line of fiber laser components.
Benefits: High power isolators will also find use in military high power range finders, high power laser radars, and high power free space communication systems. High energy fiber lasers are also used in materials processing in the automotive, aircraft, and other large manufacturing industries. This technology can also be used in commercial applications such as laser cutting, laser drilling, and laser welding. The success of high power isolator development project will be a benefit to the laser industry.