Enhanced Clamp Cushion (ECC)
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-021
Topic Title: Enhanced Clamp Cushion (ECC)
Proposal No.: N181-021-1080
Firm: Hy-Tek Manufacturing Co. Inc.
1998 Bucktail Lane
Sugar Grove, Illinois 60554
Contact: John Jude
Phone: (480) 216-1148
Web Site: http://www.hytekmfg.com
Abstract: HMC has chosen to employ a two-pronged approach to our ECC research and development efforts. The first approach involves research and identification of hybrid elastomeric compounds that can be engineered for long-term stability in the difficult mechanical and environmental conditions required for this application. The first path in this effort Includes research and development of fabric based hybrid materials that can be coaxed with an elastomer ?omordant??. Combining or coaxing fabric or fiber strands within a compatible polymer will not only improve UV and ozone resistance, but also serve as a binder capable of providing the tensile and elastic properties needed for U.S. Navy aircraft clamp cushioning. HMC?Ts second research and development effort will focus on reconfiguring the current mechanical portion of clamp assembly, concurrent with the development of the ECC cushion component. This effort will include redesign of the metallic core of the loop clamp so that the cushion can be easily installed and securely fastened within a recess or slot positioned at the inside diameter of the clamp. The objective of this design modification is to expand the list of candidate elastomer compounds that can be considered for improving the manufacturability of the entire clamp.
Benefits: ? Increase the Reliability and Operational Availability of U.S. Navy Aircraft ? Enhance the Level of Flight Safety for U.S. Navy Fight Crews ? Reduce the Logistical Burdens Associated with Line Clamp Installation and Maintenance ? Reduce U.S. Navy?Ts aircraft Line Clamp Capital Costs