Multi-media Knowledge Capture (MKC) Engine
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-076
Topic Title: Multi-media Knowledge Capture (MKC) Engine
Proposal No.: N181-076-0889
Firm: Pacific Science & Engineering Group, Inc.
9180 Brown Deer Road
San Diego, California 92121
Contact: Mia Jaramillo
Phone: (858) 535-1661
Web Site:
Abstract: Pacific Science & Engineering Group (PSE) proposes to design, develop, and demonstrate a web application for novice video content creators that we call Sailor2Sailor (S2S). S2S will be designed based on knowledge gained through interactions with potential users, lessons learned and best practice in the knowledge creation domain, and findings within the training and cognitive science literature. The S2S user interface design will be guided by human factors principles, ensuring that it is effective, easy to understand, and use. Once developed, S2S will be a powerful, usable web application for sailors to rapidly capture and share practical, hands-on, operationally-relevant knowledge with fellow sailors. S2S will invigorate Navy training by augmenting the more traditional schoolhouse and on the job training activities with highly specific video content created by sailors for sailors. Traditional formal and informal training support the development of needed, valuable knowledge, but is often limited in terms of accessibility and currency of content. Furthermore, invaluable location- and context-specific knowledge held by sailors is not being captured and disseminated efficiently and effectively. S2S will change the way sailors share and consume knowledge. Ultimately, greater knowledge dissemination will lead to improved collaboration and performance, and reduced inefficiencies around the Fleet.
Benefits: PSE has identified several DOD and commercial domains that could benefit from the concepts and technologies developed under this SBIR, and has developed working relationships with several organizations that have expressed interest in following this SBIRÉ?Ts progress. On the DoD front, the assistant program manager for training at the US NavyÉ?Ts Battlespace Awareness and Information Operations Program Office (PEO C4I PMW 120) has expressed that they have strong interest in the tool resulting from this Phase I SBIR. In addition, the tool has potential to support corporate training, law enforcement, emergency management and other domains with a need to provide and distribute easily produced and easily digestible, specialized knowledge.