Versatile Iodine Platform Enabled Reference (VIPER )
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-037
Topic Title: Versatile Iodine Platform Enabled Reference (VIPER )
Proposal No.: N181-037-1178
Firm: Vector Atomic, Inc.
3733 Randolph Ave
Oakland, California 94602
Contact: Martin Boyd
Phone: (303) 818-0220
Abstract: Vector Atomic will design a highly integrated molecular iodine clock for deployment on UAV and other Navy-relevant platforms. The VIPER clock will use a simplified vapor cell optical clock architecture that leverages ultra-low-cost, robust laser components developed for consumer electronics. Importantly, the VIPER architecture is scalable from compact devices to high-end performance to meet target applications from secure communications and GPS acquisition to multi-static radar and long-dwell time ISR. To meet performance goals in a form-factor compatible with integration into MQ-8C Fire Scout, the Phase I VIPER design will opt for a low-risk design that avoids costly integration.
Benefits: The VIPER clock can extend mission duration in areas of active GPS-denial. The excellent short-term stability can enable multi-static radar and long-dwell time ISR in UAV platforms. Commercial applications include high accuracy positioning for autonomous vehicles using ground-based psuedolites.