Dynamic Interactive 4D Operations Tool for Joint Mission Planning System
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-015
Topic Title: Dynamic Interactive 4D Operations Tool for Joint Mission Planning System
Proposal No.: N181-015-0207
Firm: MSCI
7120 Trillium Ct
Owens Cross Roads, Alabama 35763
Contact: Andrew Schooley
Phone: (256) 882-6823
Web Site: http://msci-us.com
Abstract: Tools that provide dynamic interactive 4-D (3D+time) visualization, analysis, integration, and synchronization of Joint operations for the Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) currently do not exist or have limited capabilities. Specifically, tools are needed to generate and support 4-D geographically-referenced interactive overlays of multiple data sources for Situational Awareness (SA) to support tactical decisions and to rapidly assess those decisions. Future campaigns featuring peer-to-peer and advanced anti-access/area-denied (A2/AD) threat capabilities will be more dependent on synchronized full-spectrum Warfighter operations. Currently, there are no effective Joint and cross-domain integration processes and procedures among the various mission planning systems. The ability to interact directly with other Joint and cross-domain mission planners to support course of action analysis is also lacking. The proposed Dynamic Interactive Operations Display 4-D (DIOD-4D) will be a key enabler for mission planning in Joint/Coalition, cross-domain operational environments. DIOD-4D will be used to develop, display, coordinate, and maintain planned aircraft/standoff munitions/ships/ground routes, mission-critical operations potentially impacted by these routes, and other pertinent data and products needed for Force-level mission planning. Activities to supports force package planning include collaborative survivability assessments, lethality assessments, Operation Plan (OPLAN) development, temporal/spatial deconfliction, synchronization of effects, battlefield visualization, analysis, and course of action assessment.
Benefits: Products generated by the Dynamic Interactive Operations Display 4-D (DIOD-4D) will enable the mission planners to integrate and optimize the effectiveness of routes and effects with other combat operations within the Area of Responsibility. The JMPS DIOD-4D will be a key instrument enabling the mission planners and supporting operations centers to more rapidly develop/integrate and effectively maintain/update required force-level products across multiple domains.