Gaming for Conceptual Network Learning for Naval Air Defense
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-038
Topic Title: Gaming for Conceptual Network Learning for Naval Air Defense
Proposal No.: N181-038-0517
Firm: SimVentions, Inc.
100 Riverside Parkway
Suite 123
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406
Contact: David Marshburn
Phone: (540) 372-7727
Web Site:
Abstract: Netted warfare can be used in anti-air warfare (AAW), but its adoption has been suboptimal. A contributing factor to the lack of adoption of netted warfare in AAW is the lack of understanding by the warfighter as to the benefits of netted warfare. To resolve this, SimVentions is proposing a training game named Fleet Defense: Cooperative Engagement. The game will provide a sailor with the opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits of netted warfare. The game will also have a scenario builder that allows instructors to easily build new ƒ?olevelsƒ?? that stress specific training objectives related to netted warfare. The game will be a low fidelity 3d game which places the player in control of a group of ships and allows them to respond to various air threats presented as a scenario unfolds. The game will also have a training mode which allows the user to pause the game to get additional information available due to the netted status of their forces. The intent is to create a game which is engaging in its gameplay so that sailors will voluntarily play, but also reinforces netted warfare concepts, thus speeding the adoption of netted warfare for AAW.
Benefits: Fleet Defense: Cooperative Engagement provides a significant opportunity for the Navy to expedite the adoption of netted warfare by fostering a full and complete understanding and appreciation of netted warfare in the sailors that train with the game. Not only would the sailors understand the benefits of netted warfare in a textbook sense, they will have had firsthand experience illustrating the benefits of netted warfare via the gameplay and learning modes of the game. The anticipated benefits of Fleet Defense: Cooperative Engagement extend beyond just being an amazing training tool for the Navy, used to reinforce netted warfare concepts among all levels of sailors engaged in AAW activities; Fleet Defense: Cooperative Engagement is also at its heart a game. This game can be released for sale across existing commercial channels, tapping into the large U.S. market for computer games. This creates a unique marketing opportunity where the game would benefit from modifications made for the Navyƒ?Ts training needs, but the Navy would also benefit from enhancements made to the game for commercial purposes as well as the commercial promotion of the Navy.