Cut Resistant Hose for Vibration Isolation Module (SEASNAKE)
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-034
Topic Title: Cut Resistant Hose for Vibration Isolation Module (SEASNAKE)
Proposal No.: N181-034-0559
Firm: Mide Technology Corporation
200 Boston Avenue Suite 1000
Medford, Massachusetts 2155
Contact: Jeff Court
Phone: (781) 306-0609
Web Site:
Abstract: As described by the Navy, a surface ship towed array VIM (Vibration Isolation Module) hose that is resistant to cuts, abrasions, perforation, and other mechanical damage is needed by the Navy. The surface ship fat line VIM is a fluid filled hose that reduces the low frequency vibrations experienced by towed array sensors, such as the TB37 surface ship towed arrays, by attenuating the vibration through the VIM and especially through the hose wall. However, the soft hose material used in current VIM hoses is susceptible to cuts from floating materials such as fishing lines. A cut-resistant towed array VIM hose would increase the availability of existing surface ship towed arrays and reduce lifecycle costs. The Navy seeks innovative approaches to providing vibration isolation to, while reducing or eliminating susceptibility to cutting or puncturing hazards often experienced during towing, deployment, and retrieval operations. MidAc proposes to develop a custom hose which includes a layer of protection to significantly minimize, if not eliminate, the risk of cutting the hose and maintain the vibration attenuation properties. The proposed solution has the potential to meet all the goals of this topic at a cost similar to the current hoses used in the VIM.
Benefits: A cut-resistant towed array hose would be of great interest to all underwater operators that use hoses, such as the seismic oil exploration industry. Increasing the reliability/availability of towed systems in high-clutter areas, such as commercial fishing areas, would reduce costs for these companies by lowering their required spares and increasing the useful life of their existing arrays. Other uses could be in other harsh environments where hoses are dragged on rough surfaces.