High Dynamic Range Multi-Carrier Amplifier (HDR MCA)
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-088
Topic Title: High Dynamic Range Multi-Carrier Amplifier (HDR MCA)
Proposal No.: N181-088-0803
Firm: MaXentric Technologies LLC
2071 Lemoine Avenue Suite 302
Fort Lee, New Jersey 7024
Contact: Johana Yan
Phone: (858) 480-1628
Web Site: http://www.maxentric.com
Abstract: In response to the N181-088 SBIR solicitation ("High Dynamic Range Multi-Carrier Amplifier"), MaXentric proposes EMBARC (Efficient Multi-carrier Broadband Amplifier for Radio Communication) to overcome the challenges of multi-carrier, multi-channel amplification. EMBARC supports up to 36 concurrent carriers from with 100W of output power for VHF and UHF systems (2MHz - 3 GHz). Due to the nature of multi-carrier signals (high peak to average power), EMBARC utilizes intelligent supply management as well as Adagioƒ,› (multi-carrier enabler) coupled with GreenAmpƒ,› envelope tracking to provide the highest efficiency, keeping the overall SWaP to a minimum. High linearity is achieved with our real-time predistorter MaXPALƒ,›. In addition, EMBARC integrates a coupler system to enable future-leaning STaR platforms. To enable smooth integration with existing and future platforms, EMBARC is designed to interface with the digital modular radios (DMR). In Phase I, the analysis and design of EMBARC will be performed through simulations along with relevant trade studies. The effort includes a feasibility demonstration of EMBARC. Phase II efforts involve the implementation, fabrication, and system integration of EMBARC, resulting in a hardware prototype-based design methodology and findings of Phase I.
Benefits: In today's systems, a single amplifier supports one channel. However, as future platforms move towards multi-channel operation, this conventional approach requires too much precious real estate. This drives the need for a multi-carrier amplifier. The power amplifier design challenges occur as a result of the high peak to average power ratio of the multi-carrier signal, leading to low efficiency, large form factor, high power consumption, low linearity, and significant heat dissipation. EMBARC overcomes these obstacles with techniques developed specifically for multicarrier, enabling realizable high efficiency and linearity power amplification for next generation wideband multi-carrier/band/channel communication systems.