Durable FR Treatment for MCCUU
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-004
Topic Title: Durable FR Treatment for MCCUU
Proposal No.: N181-004-0219
CHELMSFORD, Massachusetts 1824
Contact: Michael Cason
Phone: (978) 856-4164
Web Site: http://www.tritonsys.com
Abstract: Triton Systems and its partner will develop an inexpensive treatment to convert standard Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniforms (MCCUU) into flame retardant uniforms. The treatment will graft several flame retardant agents onto the surface of the fabric. The resulting uniforms will be more durable and comfortable than flame retardant uniform made from inherently flame retardant fabrics containing aramid fibers. At the end of the Phase I program we will demonstrate the utility of this process by treating several uniforms for delivery to the Marine Corps. This process will also be amenable to treating NYCO fabric in a roll to roll system for rapid, inexpensive production of FR NYCO.
Benefits: The market for protective clothing is growing rapidly and there is a need for more durable and lower cost FR clothing. The flame retardant surface treatment for NYCO fabric will enable the replacement of expensive aramid fibers that are currently used in FR clothing in both the military and commercial products. Potential commercial markets include the petrochemical, electrical and gas utilities, and fire response industries.