Multi-media Knowledge Capture (MKC) Engine Using the Rapid Mobile Authoring Toolkit (R-MAT)
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-076
Topic Title: Multi-media Knowledge Capture (MKC) Engine Using the Rapid Mobile Authoring Toolkit (R-MAT)
Proposal No.: N181-076-0214
Firm: Problem Solutions
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Contact: Dennis Folds
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Abstract: The capture, refinement, and sharing of knowledge across military occupations is key to readiness and effectiveness. Existing approaches to create, disseminate, and curate the needed content in a user-friendly and rapid way are not usable on mobile platforms and require training or advanced skills. We propose the Rapid Mobile Authoring Toolkit (R-MAT) solution as a mobile tool for content authoring using native mobile device features (camera, audio, video, text, drag and drop) and a web-based backend application for publishing, curation and dissemination. R-MAT will provide a simplified mobile version of the core features of modern desktop-based content authoring tools and will emphasize intuitive user interfaces that allow a user to create, organize, and publish content from mobile device platforms. R-MAT will enable subject matter experts from any sector to create effective multi-media content using a mobile device. The R-MAT and backend system will allow simple content creation, intelligent metadata generation for categorization and the "findability" of multimedia assets. R-MAT will provide a capability as a user-centric content authoring tool that simplifies the rapid creation and distribution of content from the experts in the field to military personnel across dispersed operational units to accelerate knowledge transfer and lessons learned.
Benefits: The Rapid Mobile Authoring Toolkit (R-MAT) will enable a wide variety of use cases across numerous domains. The R-MAT will allow subject matter experts and those with tacit knowledge to produce lower cost content with a higher degree of accuracy and speed than the current state of the art using desktop tools. The R-MAT has implications for both military and commercial applications as well civilian agencies within the government.