Novel Thermal Management Materials Technologies for High Power Naval Systems
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-078
Topic Title: Novel Thermal Management Materials Technologies for High Power Naval Systems
Proposal No.: N181-078-0852
Firm: Utility Development Corporation
112 Naylon Avenue
Livingston, New Jersey 7039
Contact: Radha Agarwal
Phone: (973) 994-4334
Web Site:
Abstract: The objective will be to develop and evaluate electrically insulating materials for improved passive thermal management of high-power electronics. The proposed materials will improve both performance and efficiency, prolong lifetime, and reduce lifecycle costs with enhanced thermal conductivity while remaining electrically insulating. During the Phase I program, UDC will formulate thermally conductive formulations and compare these with currently used commercial materials for electronic packaging characteristic, application method, cure temperature and time. The developed formulations will be tested for thermal conductance, electrical insulation, resistance to vibration/abrasion, conformance to irregular gaps, and manufacturing cost. Additional tests will include coefficient of thermal expansion, rheological behavior and fabrication/operational temperatures (+120AC to 200AC), and elevated humidity conditions in accordance with military specifications and ASTM standards. A report with results and conclusions will be submitted at the end of the program
Benefits: There are many current and growing opportunities for the proposed thermal management materials to be used in the commercial markets including LED lighting Photovoltaics Lasers, Telecommunications equipment, Automotive electronics, Industrial computing, Defense and aerospace electronics, Consumer and mobile handheld electronics, Medical electronics Wireless sensor networks, PCB testing equipment.