Free-Space Optical Data System for Ubiquitous Availability in Naval Systems
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-070
Topic Title: Free-Space Optical Data System for Ubiquitous Availability in Naval Systems
Proposal No.: N181-070-0241
Firm: SA Photonics, Inc.
120 Knowles Dr.
Los Gatos, California 95032
Contact: Frank Muennemann
Phone: (408) 560-3500
Web Site:
Abstract: SA-LiFi is an optical local wireless networking system under development that will distribute broadband data wirelessly over visible and infrared wavelengths, using a store-and-repeat architecture to extend its range. My modulating visbile LED light sources, SA-LiFi exploits the already-available power and line-of-sight to end user devices to upgrade wireless data availability with minimal additions to existing power and data cabling. SA-LiFi end user devices access the network either through USB-attached user devices or by replacing the end-user device's camera with a SA-LiFi interface with the same form factor. Since the camera É?oslotÉ?? on the device is naturally oriented toward local lighting, this gives optimal connection to the network, with minimal need for hardware modification. Thus, a wide range of user devices from laptop computers to smartphones can access SA-LiFi. High-level electromagnetic interference, as is present in RF-enclosed spaces such as aircraft cabins and submarines, can interfere with RF-based wireless data systems, yet has no impact on SA-LiFi network availability. SA-LiFi offers a path to high bandwidth and ubiquitous, reliable mobile data for these environments.
Benefits: SA-LiFi will enable the Navy to assess how this innovative system can upgrade existing Navy assets at low cost and reduce networking infrastructure costs for new platforms under development. The SA-LiFi prototype system to be delivered at the end of Phase II, including light-source replacements and end-user interfaces, will enable the Navy to directly assess the benefits and reliability of the SA-LiFi system.