MERIT: Multi-domain Enterprise Routing Information Tool
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-089
Topic Title: MERIT: Multi-domain Enterprise Routing Information Tool
Proposal No.: N181-089-0225
Firm: Modus Operandi, Inc.
709 South Harbor City Blvd., Suite 400
Melbourne, Florida 32901
Contact: Aaron Wheeler
Phone: (321) 473-1423
Web Site:
Abstract: The Multi-Domain Enterprise Routing Information Tool (MERIT) solution will transform multi-source data into actionable intelligence by use of (1) enterprise level and domain level logical modeling, (2) smart routing, and (3) smart linking and storing of data, collectively enhancing the ability to quickly and securely retrieve targeted data and assist with execution at scale within the Multi-Domain Federated Query (MDFQ) architecture. The innovative system will enhance the individual data elements by establishing relationships on ingest. MERIT will stage the data, prepare the data for routing, tag the data, and provision data for multi-domain analytics and subsequent rapid information product dissemination across multiple security enclaves. Techniques to be investigated include topic modeling, neural nets, deep learning, recommendation engines, and semantic classifiers. Our long-term vision is that MERIT will (1) ingest, route, correlate, and store data, to build a knowledge graph for all domains which will provide a holistic view for each permission level while ensuring strong governance and security to prevent loss or incorrect routing of data, and (2) help the Warfighter aggregate content from multiple DoD sources with the best technology and performance, which will help DCGS-N successfully manage data across the enterprise.
Benefits: Benefits to the Warfighter include: (1) multiple data routing optimizations enable better management of Big Data; (2) representation of logical relationships in the DCGS-N Enterprise data improves managing the storage and retrieval of pertinent knowledge; (3) better security for the enterprise environment, with specific mechanisms for data messaging, views, security, and authenticity; (4) faster incorporation of new data sources and formats; (5) enhanced performance from new data to actionable intelligence through smart enterprise routing; (6) optimized data handling throughout the data lifecycle; (7) better content aggregation from multiple DoD data sources; and (8) enhanced individual data elements by establishing relationships on ingest. Potential Applications: MERIT will transition well to DCGS-N, as well as to the wider defense and intelligence communities and the broader commercial Business Intelligence (BI) market place leveraging existing commercialization initiatives and resources. The data management controls described in this topic could have significant commercial potential for any BI/Enterprise Content Management/Cloud Data Services enterprise regardless of business concern. MERIT addresses challenges faced by the Navy and other defense/intel sector customers, as well as numerous industry applications (e.g., consumer packaged goods, secure financial transactions, and biomedical).