Adaptable Boat Launch and Recovery System
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-056
Topic Title: Adaptable Boat Launch and Recovery System
Proposal No.: N181-056-1117
Firm: Maritime Applied Physics Corporation
1850 Frankfurst Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21226
Contact: Graham Tyson
Phone: (443) 524-3330
Web Site:
Abstract: The Navy desires a system on board the Zumwalt Class guided missile destroyers (DDG 1000) to manage the deployment and retrieval of a variety of craft or other assets from the boat bay to the sea and back to expand the capability of the ship class in support the Navyƒ?Ts future needs. Current launch and recovery systems for boat bays are designed for specific craft, not allowing for damage-free interface when new or modified craft are developed. According to the SBIR description, detailed interface requirements between craft and launch and recovery systems are not established to prevent craft damage. MAPC will design a concept ABLARS which consists of a main ramp, extendable ramp, and a capture carriage. The main ramp runs the length of the boat bay and is installed parallel to the boat bay deck. The main ramp features keel rollers similar to those found on a commercial boat trailer along the centerline, and bunks on either side of centerline installed on pivoting arms.
Benefits: There is a Navy-wide need for a common vehicle launch and recovery system (LARS) among ships without a well deck. Currently, surface ships without a well deck each have a different method of launch and recovery, and are driven toward a specific craft. A common launch and recovery system that can launch and recover a variety of craft instituted on all surface ship platforms will be a great benefit in both cost and mission capability. The exact product produced by Phase 1 will be uniquely designed to match the boat bay characteristics of DDG-1000. Following a successful Phase II prototype demonstration which demonstrates significant improvements in capability and reliability over the existing DDG-1000 system, the ABLARS could be retrofitted to an existing DDG-1000. Following an evaluation period, it could be installed on the remaining DDG-1000 class ships. The system could also be modularized for use on USN and allied amphibious assault ships with well decks, or Expeditionary Transport Dock class ships.