Gaming for Conceptual Network Learning for Naval Air Defense
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-038
Topic Title: Gaming for Conceptual Network Learning for Naval Air Defense
Proposal No.: N181-038-0804
Firm: Sonalysts, Inc.
215 Parkway North
P.O. Box 280
Waterford, Connecticut 6385
Contact: Robert Kurzawa
Phone: (860) 857-9410
Web Site:
Abstract: Sonalysts proposes to research the feasibility of developing an interactive, graphics-oriented training game that instructs the conceptual, non-intuitive value of an integrated naval battle force in a variety of realistic anti-air warfare scenarios. Sonalystsâ?T proposed solution, â?oTRILOGY,â?? is an innovative, cross-domain â?oSerious Gamificationâ?? solution that will leverage the commercial state-of-the-art Simulation Engine II (SE II) and Global Tactical Simulation (GTS) game framework, with the team's netted force air and missile defense domain expertise, as well as its serious game and commercial game development experience. The objective of Phase I will be to develop an innovative, measurable, and engaging experience TRILOGY Proof of Concept game based on our Phase I hardware, software, and end user requirements research. The TRILOGY â?oSerious Gamificationâ?? solution will provide the Navy with three critical capabilities -- experimentation, training, and analysis -- in a single innovative solution.
Benefits: Current integrated force-level studies are time-consuming and typically conducted by small teams of experts using highly detailed technical models. Conveying an understanding to non-Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and non-technical stakeholders of the value of a netted naval force in the air and missile defense domain is difficult. This research project will provide the Navy with an engaging capability to conduct more rapid integrated force-level studies and experimentation with full physics-based 2D/3D visualization of the electromagnetic environment, scenario development, and modification capabilities, including â?~live editingâ?T and â?owhat-ifâ?? platform, sensor, and weapons options. The proposed TRILOGY solution will be capable of disseminating results in near-real-time, and will have a unique capability to multi-play a significant number of different positions in head-head combat simultaneously within the same scenario. It will bridge the â?ogapâ?? between engineers and operators as a tool capable of quantifying and qualifying an understanding of revolutionary future undersea warfare concept in an operational environment, while concurrently enabling stakeholders to interact in that same environment. This technology also has a strong commercial transition potential throughout Government, large corporations, and for companies. Defense and commercial industry applications include scalable analysis and experimentation across the entire spectrum of missions, as well as training, mission rehearsal, decision support, and Concept of Operations (CONOPS) solutions. Commercial industries most likely to leverage this technology include the aerospace/defense industry, the oil & gas industry, and undersea communications industry.