Ultra-Low Ripple 1000 Volt Direct Current Battery Charger
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-048
Topic Title: Ultra-Low Ripple 1000 Volt Direct Current Battery Charger
Proposal No.: N181-048-0373
Firm: Galley Power LLC
BOLTON, Massachusetts 1740
Contact: Peng Li
Phone: (978) 558-0048
Web Site: http://www.galleypower.com
Abstract: This Phase I research will model, design, simulate and verify feasibility of a new type of high power density, ultra-low ripple 1kV battery charger for the US Navy applications. The approaches used in this research rely on the latest developments in wide bandgap semiconductors for the cancelling of current ripples and special driving and control methods for SiC devices in order to achieve ultra-high power density and efficiency. The proposed charger concept will optimize space, weight, power and cooling based on the design requirements. The research will provide design specifications for engineering development and also identify key design strategies.
Benefits: The ultra-low ripple battery charger will improve the battery pack's lifespan and performance in the targeted applications. The technology would benefit applications including grid-tie/off-grid energy storage, electric vehicle charging/management, high-voltage DC building, and data center.