AEGIS Combat System Optimization through Advanced Modeling of Software-Only Changes
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-031
Topic Title: AEGIS Combat System Optimization through Advanced Modeling of Software-Only Changes
Proposal No.: N181-031-0741
Firm: Innovative Defense Technologies
4401 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 810
Arlington, Virginia 22203
Contact: Seth Watts
Phone: (703) 807-0055
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Abstract: Optimizing the AEGIS Combat System against evolving Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (ACSM) threats is currently a manual process that involves iterations of research, design, implementation, and testing. This process is tried and true, but also expensive and time-consuming, leaving a static system in place for the duration of the mission. The only cost-effective method of solving this problem is with the use of automation. Invariably, this points toward software-only changes to ACS, as opposed to hardware upgrades. This is especially true given the investment by IWS 1.0 in Combat System Test Bed (CSTB ?" formally the AEGIS Test Bed, ATB). IDT proposes to create a Design Virtual Assistant (DVA). The DVA will encapsulate the thought process of an AEGIS Operations Research Analyst and recommend software-only changes to the AAW system in response to re-designs of ASCM threats. IDT's automated analysis software, Automated Test and Re-Test (ATRT), can analyze the data CSTB produces from hundreds of thousands of Monte Carlo simulations. Combining this automated analysis capability with the knowledge of an AEGIS Operations Research Analyst, the DVA can suggest parameterized changes to the Combat System configuration (including weapons and sensors) to improve performance against the exercised threat.
Benefits: Design Virtual Assistant (DVA) will yield long-term cost and quality benefits for the AEGIS Combat System (ACS) by reducing the time that it takes to optimize Combat System performance against evolving Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (ACSM) threats. Potential commercial applications involve three Modeling and Simulation (M&S) communities within the Department of Defense (DoD). The initial effort is planned to support Navy programs with the goal of expanding to Army and Air Force. Offering a tailored DVA to any DoD or commercial test program that utilized M&S and data analysis is a licensable product.