Extended Service Life of Transparent Armor
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-001
Topic Title: Extended Service Life of Transparent Armor
Proposal No.: N181-001-0973
Firm: JNI Armor
1875 S Gail Ln
Anaheim, California 92802
Contact: David Jungk
Phone: (714) 951-5118
Web Site: http://www.jniarmor.com
Abstract: The focus of this Phase I proposal will be transparent armor lifetime increase through reduction or removal of residual stresses through a unique lamination technique - Radio Frequency (RF) Lamination. The residual stress of RF lamination will then be compared to autoclave lamination via cross polarized light and polarimeter measurements. JNI Armor will then integrate methods to design an efficient high-quality laminate. To validate life extension JNI Armor and Applied Physical Sciences Corp will then develop an accelerated test method focusing on high temperature and moisture. Then with support from the test capabilities of Southwest Research Institute, the team will test standard laminates and RF laminates to the accelerated test protocol. It is anticipated that combining this technology with systems to reduce moisture ingression (edge seals), and proper frame integration, lifetime can be extended beyond 6-10 years.
Benefits: RF lamination will increase the durability of transparent armor through removal of residual stresses. A successful transition shall increase life beyond 6 years. This can be applied to legacy systems such as HMMWV, MTVR, LVSR, MATV and JLTV to icrease lifetime and reduce lifecycle costs.