Mast Antenna Coupler
Navy SBIR FY2018.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2018.1
Topic No.: N181-063
Topic Title: Mast Antenna Coupler
Proposal No.: N181-063-0437
Firm: Tech Resources, Inc.
1 Meadowbrook Drive
Milford, New Hampshire 3055
Contact: Michael Barrett
Phone: (603) 673-9000
Web Site:
Abstract: BROADBAND MODULAR ANTENNA COUPLER WITH SIGNIFICANT RADIO-FREQUENCY SHIELDING The objective of this proposal is to demonstrate the feasibility of an antenna coupler that includes modular construction features, and provides a significant level of radio-frequency shielding within a defined, broad-frequency band. The proposal includes research related to the magnetic fields being attenuated from the magnetic permeability properties of alloys that are applied to the couplerâ?Ts chassis. The use of one or more foils, sheets, or electroplated nanocrystalline ferro-magnetic metal coatings is included in the study. The proposed coupler will provide repeatable measurement and will enable the mast testing of a variety of antenna mast configurations in a laboratory or on a submarine. The coupler will ensure that any existing electromagnetic signals that are generated from local extraneous sources will not interfere with the antenna mast under test. The coupler shall enable the Navyâ?Ts radiated, end-to-end testing and calibration routines to be promptly performed using significantly less labor. The â?ogroomingâ?? procedures related to a diverse set of submarine masts configurations will become highly repeatable and easier to perform.
Benefits: Tech Resources, Inc. plans on developing additional antenna test devices for aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships. TRI intends to expand the sales of antenna couplers significantly by further researching the use of layers of advanced materials including carbon-nanotubes, for example, to partially form a couplerâ?Ts outer shielding. The couplerâ?Ts interior may also include a multi-layer electromagnetic absorber and one or more custom-designed antenna arrays thereby forming a novel lightweight antenna test system.