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Navy 23.2 SBIR Selections

Proposals from the offerors listed next to the topic numbers have been selected for further consideration under DoD SBIR Program BAA 23.2

The list of selections is an ongoing process that may take a few months to complete. You can register below to receive email notifications of updates to the list. Your email address is not shared with anyone, and is deleted after the selection process is complete.   [Register here]

Please note: A listing on this page is NOT a notification of contract award.

Updated 9/11/23

Topic Selectee Address
  N232-079 Dynovas Inc. Poway, CA
  N232-079 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N232-079 Skuld LLC Springfield, OH
  N232-080 Charles River Analytics Inc. Cambridge, MA
  N232-080 HPTech College Station, TX
  N232-080 OVERLAND AI INC Seattle, WA
  N232-081 Luna Labs USA, LLC Charlottesville, VA
  N232-081 Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX
  N232-081 MacroVation Blacksburg, VA
  N232-081 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N232-082 Albireo Technologies Northridge, CA
  N232-082 Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. Miamisburg, OH
  N232-082 Ultrasonic Technologies, Inc. Wesley Chapel, FL
  Topic Selectee                                                              Address                         
  N232-083 FTL Labs Corporation Amherst, MA
  N232-083 InnoVital Systems, Inc. Calverton, MD
  N232-083 Soteria Mechatronics LLC Laguna Hills, CA
  N232-084 CFD Research Corporation Huntsville, AL
  N232-084 DeepFlow LLC Oviedo, FL
  N232-084 Mirge LLC Champaign, IL
  N232-085 Advanced Scientific Concepts, LLC Goleta, CA
  N232-085 Barron Associates, Inc. Charlottesville, VA
  N232-085 GreenSight Boston, MA
  N232-085 Stottler Henke Associates, Inc San Mateo, CA
  N232-086 Acellent Technologies, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA
  N232-086 Continuous Composites Coeur d'Alene, ID
  N232-086 Impossible Objects Northbrook, IL
  N232-086 Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX
  N232-087 Adv Materials Innovations San Diego, CA
  N232-087 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N232-087 Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA
  N232-088 Aviation & Missile Solutions, LLC Huntsville, AL
  N232-088 Episensors, Inc. Bolingbrook, IL
  N232-088 ExoAnalytic Solutions, Inc Foothill Ranch, CA
  N232-089 Intellisense Systems, Inc. Torrance, CA
  N232-089 Kennon Products, Inc Sheridan, WY
  N232-089 Luna Labs USA, LLC Charlottesville, VA
  N232-090 Azure Summit Technology, Inc. Fairfax, VA
  N232-090 Epirus, Inc. Hawthorne, CA
  N232-090 Perceptive Innovations, Inc. Ashburn, VA
  N232-091 Hydraulics International Inc. Chatsworth, CA
  N232-091 Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX
  N232-091 Mainstream Engineering Corporation Rockledge, FL
  N232-092 Arete Associates Northridge, CA
  N232-092 RDRTec Inc. Dallas, TX
  N232-092 Toyon Research Corp. Goleta, CA
  N232-093 GoHypersonic Inc. Dayton, OH
  N232-093 GuideTech LLC Kanab, UT
  N232-093 IN Space, L.L.C. West Lafayette, IN
  N232-094 Architecture Technology Corporation Eden Prairie, MN
  N232-094 MaXentric Technologies LLC Fort Lee, NJ
  N232-094 Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. San Mateo, CA
  N232-095 A10 Systems LLC Chelmsford, MA
  N232-095 Caliola Engineering LLC Colorado Springs, CO
  N232-095 Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA
  N232-096 FiberQA, LLC Old Lyme, CT
  N232-096 Hedgefog Research Inc San Pedro, CA
  N232-096 Intellisense Systems, Inc. Torrance, CA
  N232-097 Global Technology Connection, Inc. Atlanta, GA
  N232-097 MetroSage LLC Volcano, CA
  N232-098 Aeluma, Inc. Goleta, CA
  N232-098 Inneos LLC Pleasanton, CA
  N232-098 Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc. Newark, DE
  N232-099 Apeiron Labs Inc. Cambridge, MA
  N232-099 iMetalx Group, LLC San Francisco, CA
  N232-099 IXI Technology Electronic Warfare, LLC DBA IXI EW Yorba Linda, CA
---- Direct to Phase II ----
  N232-D07 Red Six Aerospace Inc. Orlando, FL
  Topic Selectee Address
  N232-100 to
---- Direct to Phase II ----
  N232-D08 to
  Topic Selectee Address
  N232-102 Solvus Global Worcester, MA
  N232-102 Continuum Dynamics, Inc. Ewing, NJ
  N232-102 Inovati Santa Barbara, CA
  N232-102 Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX
  N232-102 Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA
  N232-103 Galois, Inc. Portland, OR
  N232-103 Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. College Station, TX
  N232-103 Novateur Research Solutions LLC Ashburn, VA
  N232-103 Vision Systems Inc Providence, RI
  N232-104 IntelliEPI IR, Inc. Richardson, TX
  N232-104 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N232-104 Praevium Research, Inc. Goleta, CA
  N232-104 SK Infrared LLC Dublin, OH
  N232-105 Topic Cancelled. It will be reissued in the upcoming 23.3 BAA.
  N232-106 Global Engineering and Materials, Inc. Princeton, NJ
  N232-106 Matmerize, Inc. Atlanta, GA
  N232-106 Polaron Technologies, Inc. (DBA: Polaron Analytics) Beavercreek, OH
  N232-106 Quantum Ventura Inc San Jose, CA
  N232-107 Carbon Ridge, Inc Santa Monica, CA
  N232-107 Luna Labs USA, LLC Charlottesville, VA
  N232-107 Precision Combustion, Inc. North Haven, CT
  N232-107 Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA
  N232-108 Aspen Consulting Group, Inc. Point Pleasant, NJ
  N232-108 MTRI, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI
  N232-108 Perceptronics Solutions, Inc. Sherman Oaks, CA
  N232-108 R-DEX Systems, Inc. Woodstock, GA
  N232-109 Applied Ocean Sciences Fairfax Station, VA
  N232-109 JPAnalytics LLC East Falmouth, MA
  N232-109 Scientific Systems Company, Inc Woburn, MA
  N232-109 Triton Systems, Inc Chelmsford, MA
  N232-110 Apothym Technologies Group Peachtree Corners, GA
  N232-110 Epirus, Inc. Hawthorne, CA
  N232-110 IERUS Technologies, Inc. Huntsville, AL
  N232-110 SI2 Technologies, Inc. North Billerica, MA
  N232-111 Propagation Research Associates Marietta, GA
  N232-111 Ziva Corporation San Diego, CA
  Topic Selectee Address
  N232-112 TBD  
  N232-113 Digital Optics Technologies, Inc. Rolling Meadows, IL
  N232-113 Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc. Newark, DE
  N232-113 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N232-113 Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. Watertown, MA
  N232-114 Alphacore, Inc. Tempe, AZ
  N232-114 Interlog Corporation Anaheim, CA
  N232-115 Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. Lakewood, CO
  N232-115 Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. Torrance, CA
  N232-116 to
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