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Navy SBIR 23.1 BAA Topics

Pre-released 1/11/23   |   Opened to receive proposals 2/08/23   |   Closed 3/08/23 12:00pm ET

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Navy Phase I Instructions & Topics
  • NAVY_SBIR_231-v6.PDF (PDF)   Updated 2/17/23
  • Navy Direct to Phase II Instructions & Topics
  • NAVY_SBIR_231_DP2-v2.PDF (PDF)   published 2/8/23
  • List of Navy 23.1 SBIR Modifications - as of 2/17/23
  • DoD Instructions & Submission
  • DoD BAA Instructions Preface (PDF)
  • DoD DSIP BAA Submission & Information Website
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    [23.1 Topics] NAVAIR Direct to Phase II Topics:
    N231-D01 Q&A DIRECT TO PHASE II - DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Improved Fiber Laser for Spectral Beam Combination
    [23.1 Topics] SSP Direct to Phase II Topics:
    N231-D02   Novel, High Strength, High Temperature Silicon Carbide Fiber-reinforced Silicon Carbide (SiC/SiC) Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Manufacturing Process for Hypersonic Applications
    N231-D03   Microstructural Analysis of Carbon-Carbon Structures for Hypersonic Applications
    N231-D04   Shaped, High Strength Silicon Carbide Fibers for Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) in Hypersonic Applications
    N231-D05   Advanced System Performance Analysis of Carbon-Carbon Structures for Hypersonic Applications
    N231-D06   Production of Silicon Boron Nitride (SiBN) Fibers for Ceramic Matric Composite (CMC) Radomes in Hypersonic Applications
    [23.1 Topics] MCSC Standard Topics:
    N231-001   Variable-Angle and Optimal Deployment for Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching Systems (APOBS)
    N231-002   Seamless Knitted Mesh, Cold Weather Baselayer Undershirt and Drawer
    N231-003 Q&A Broadband Antenna Solution for Vehicle-Mounted Electronic Warfare Systems
    N231-004 Q&A Technologies for Marine Corps Radars and Telecommunications Industry S-Band Spectrum Sharing
    N231-005 Q&A One Way Luminescent (OWL) Tracer Technology for 40mm Ammunition
    [23.1 Topics] NAVAIR Standard Topics:
    N231-006 Q&A Next Generation Toolsets for Weapons Separation Evaluations to Enable Enhanced Strike Capabilities
    N231-007 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Digital Modelling and Simulation of Maneuvering Hypersonic Weapons
    N231-008 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Broadband Real-time Data Bus
    N231-009 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - High-Speed Data Return for Tactical Environments
    N231-010   Active Low-Voltage Thin-Film Lithium Niobate Electro-Optic Modulator
    N231-011   Optical Additive Manufacturing in Mid-Wave and Long-Wave Infrared Bands
    N231-012   Compact, High-Performance Metamaterial Acoustic filter with Monolithic Integrated Signal Processor
    N231-013 Q&A Tip-Off Optical Reconnaissance-Sensor for Counter Hypersonics (TORCH)
    N231-014   Multistatic Radar Network Distributed Time, Frequency, and Phase Synchronization System
    N231-015 Q&A Back End Data Lake and Microservices (BEDLAM) Strategy for Battle Management Aid (BMA) Development
    N231-016   Emissive Image Display for Flight Simulators Wide-angle Collimated Displays
    N231-017   Enabling Technologies to Support Individual Blade Control for Rotorcraft
    N231-018   Superconducting Thermal Spreader Enabled MWIR Band-IVb Quantum Cascade Laser with 65 W Average Output Power
    N231-019 Q&A Big Data Analytics (BDA): Real-Time Data Mining and Track Fusion of National and Tactical Data
    N231-020 Q&A Detection and Tracking of Hypersonic Missiles from Glide-to-Terminal Phase Using Electro-Optic Infrared Sensors
    N231-021 Q&A Enhanced Aircraft Non-Cooperative Target Recognition
    N231-022   Accelerated High-Power Blue Laser Design Cycle Enabled by Deep Neural Networks
    N231-023 Q&A Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Using Nontraditional Means
    N231-024   Minotaur Alternate Radio Command and Control Operations Using Ultrahigh Frequency Data Mode
    N231-025 Q&A Autonomous Voice Coordination between Air Traffic Control and Foreign Object Debris Removal Systems
    N231-026 Q&A Friction Drilling Fasteners for Composite Structures
    N231-027   Low-cost, Low-SWaP, and High-Performance Uncooled Infrared Imager
    [23.1 Topics] NAVSEA Standard Topics:
    N231-028   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Hull Mechanical & Electrical Controls
    N231-029 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Software Incident Report Capture and Scripting
    N231-030   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Model Centric Safety Analysis Tool
    N231-031   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Automated Cavitating Waterjet Cleaning Device
    N231-032   Launchable Mini Glider for Variable Payloads
    N231-033   Permanent Radio Frequency Transparent AN/SPY-1 Array Cover
    N231-034   Open Architecture Telemetry First Level Multiplexer with Array Power Distribution
    N231-035 Q&A Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) in Complex Underwater Environments
    N231-036 Q&A Long-Range Acoustic Communications System
    N231-037   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Gun Weapons Systems Synthetic Unmanned Aerial Systems Imagery Data Set
    N231-038 Q&A Perceptually Lossless Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Sensor Data Compression
    N231-039 Q&A Boat & Combatant Craft Electric Drive Propulsion System
    N231-040   Rugged High-Temperature Superconductor Wire Bundles for Shipboard Installation
    N231-041   Improved Distance Measurement During Underway Replenishments (UNREPs)
    N231-042   Pressure-Tolerant Electronically-Steered Antennas (ESAs) for Satellite Communications on Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUV)
    N231-043 Q&A Extreme Cold Weather Resistant Gasket Material
    N231-044   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Expeditionary Virtualized Training Unit for Undersea Warfare Decision Support System (USW-DSS)
    N231-045 Q&A Multi-Spectral, Multi-Sensor Image Fusion
    N231-046 Q&A Revolutionized Undersea Training Target Motors
    N231-047 Q&A Alternative Materials and Fabrication Processes for US Navy Propulsor Shafting
    N231-048 Q&A Signal Processing for Underwater Explosion Detection and Localization
    N231-049 Q&A DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Video Processing and Packaging
    N231-050   Autonomous Crane System for Payload Motion Control
    N231-051   Underwater Diver-Applied Composite Patch Repair for Crack Arresting
    N231-052   Advanced Reliable Wide-Range Hydrodynamic Hull Appendage
    N231-053 Q&A Improved Electromechanical Actuators for Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Applications
    N231-054 Q&A Structural Design Process for High-Cycle Fatigue Performance of Composite Materials
    N231-055 Q&A Centralized Automated Fault Monitoring
    N231-056   DIGITAL ENGINEERING - Intelligent Capture of Digital Imaging for Systems Engineering, Modeling, and Training
    [23.1 Topics] ONR Standard Topics:
    N231-057 Q&A Real-Time Training Heat and Load Monitoring Kits for Ground Forces
    N231-058   Alternate Lubrication Mechanisms for Small UAV and Attritable Weapon Systems
    N231-059 Q&A Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) Laser Transformer
    N231-060   Predictive Tool for Aging Effects on Performance of Phenolic-Based Thermal Protection Materials
    N231-061 Q&A Verification of Intelligent Autonomous Systems Containing Artificial Intelligence Components
    N231-062   High Power Microwave (HPM) Solid State Amplifier Topologies
    N231-063   Additive Manufacturing for Graded-Index Lens Apertures
    N231-064   Reversible Replenishment Air Conditioning System
    N231-065 Q&A Metamaterial Enhanced Micromirror Surfaces (MEMMS) for Enhanced Infrared Beam Control
    N231-066   Radiative Transfer Software Suite for Targeted Remote Sensing
    N231-067 Q&A Cognitive Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) Synthesis
    N231-068 Q&A Cryogenic Solid-State Thermal Energy Storage
    N231-069   High-Rate, Reduced Life Cycle Cost Airframe
    N231-070 Q&A Ultraviolet Solar Blind Sensors for Microsatellites and Small Satellites
    N231-071 Q&A Compact Aerial Inspection System for Elevated and Small Spaces
    [23.1 Topics] SSP Standard Topics:
    N231-072 Q&A High Temperature Ceramic Yarn from Discontinuous Silicon Carbide (SiC) Fibers
    N231-073 Q&A Radiation Hardened FPGAs for Strategic Systems
    N231-074   Characterization of the Radiation Environment Capabilities of Exploding Foil Initiators (EFIs)
    N231-075 Q&A Reduced Integrated Optical Circuits (IOC) Half-wave Voltage (Vpi) for improved Size Weight and Power (SWaP) in Interferometric Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes (IFOG)
    N231-076 Q&A Electrically Conductive Self-Assembled Monolayer (SAM) Anti-Stiction Coating for Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)
    N231-077 Q&A Ultra Low-Profile Hermetic Fiber Optic Interconnect
    N231-078   Phase Trimming for Integrated Photonics
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