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Navy 24.1 SBIR Selections

Proposals from the offerors listed next to the topic numbers have been selected for further consideration under DoD SBIR Program BAA 24.1

The list of selections is an ongoing process that may take a few months to complete. You can register below to receive email notifications of updates to the list. Your email address is not shared with anyone, and is deleted after the selection process is complete.   [Register here]

Please note: A listing on this page is NOT a notification of contract award.

Updated 4/23/24

Topic Selectee Address
  N241-001 to
  Topic Selectee                                                              Address                         
  N241-005 TBD  
  N241-006 Amethyst Research Incorporated Norman, OK
  N241-006 Praevium Research, Inc. Goleta, CA
  N241-006 Sivananthan Laboratories, Inc. Bolingbrook, IL
  N241-007 to
  N241-009 Advanced Materials and Devices Reno, NV
  N241-009 Creare LLC Hanover, NH
  N241-009 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N241-010 to
  N241-020 Bascom Hunter Technologies Baton Rouge, LA
  N241-020 Intellisense Systems, Inc. Torrance, CA
  N241-020 Omega Optics, Inc. Austin, TX
  N241-021 Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. Miamisburg, OH
  N241-021 LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions Inc. Goleta, CA
  N241-021 PC Krause and Associates, Inc. West Lafayette, IN
---- Direct to Phase II ----
  N241-D01 Critical Frequency Design, LLC Melbourne, FL
  N241-D02 TBD  
  Topic Selectee Address
  N241-022 to
  Topic Selectee Address
  N241-054 Atmo, Inc. Berkeley, CA
  N241-054 Sofar Ocean Technologies, Inc. San Francisco, CA
  N241-054 stoa tech, inc. Scituate, MA
  N241-054 WindBorne Systems Inc. Palo Alto, CA
  N241-055 TBD  
  N241-056 Caliola Engineering LLC Colorado Springs, CO
  N241-056 Nexcepta, Inc. Gaithersburg, MD
  N241-056 Scientific Systems Company, Inc Woburn, MA
  N241-057 Architecture Technology Corporation Eden Prairie, MN
  N241-057 End To End Computing Alexandria, VA
  N241-057 MaXentric Technologies LLC Fort Lee, NJ
  N241-058 Albireo Technologies Northridge, CA
  N241-058 Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC Wellesley, MA
  N241-058 Intellisense Systems, Inc. Torrance, CA
  N241-058 Spectral Energies, LLC Beavercreek, OH
  N241-059 Alphacore, Inc. Tempe, AZ
  N241-059 Excellerix LLC Wappingers Falls, NY
  N241-059 Out of the Fog Research LLC San Francisco, CA
  N241-059 Photonic Systems, Inc. Bedford, MA
  N241-060 Avalanche Energy Designs, Inc. Seattle, WA
  N241-060 GhostWorks Engineering Medina, OH
  N241-060 Hepburn and Sons LLC Manassas, VA
  N241-060 Hyliion inc Cedar Park, TX
  N241-061 Daniel H. Wagner, Associates, Incorporated Exton, PA
  N241-061 Metron, Inc. Reston, VA
  N241-061 Sonalysts, Inc. Waterford, CT
  N241-062 EngeniusMicro, LLC Huntsville, AL
  N241-062 MaXentric Technologies LLC Fort Lee, NJ
  N241-062 Nanohmics, Inc Austin, TX
  N241-062 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N241-063 Altect, Inc. Austin, TX
  N241-063 NanoSonic, Inc. Pembroke, VA
  N241-063 Paragon Space Development Corporation Tucson, AZ
  N241-063 Pyrocarr Littleton, CO
  N241-064 Altron, Inc. Mt. Pleasant, SC
  N241-064 ouraring, Inc. San Francisco, CA
  N241-064 Rush River Research Corp. Ellsworth, WI
  N241-064 Spectral Labs Incorporated San Diego, CA
  N241-065 Albireo Technologies Northridge, CA
  N241-065 Nanohmics, Inc Austin, TX
  N241-065 TeraProbes Inc. Hilliard, OH
  N241-065 Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. Austin, TX
  N241-066 Forward Photonics LLC Woburn, MA
  N241-066 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N241-067 No Selection
  Topic Selectee Address
  N241-068 GearJump Technologies, LLC Brookline, MA
  N241-068 International FemtoScience Inc Nashville, TN
  N241-068 Nanohmics, Inc Austin, TX
  N241-069 Additive Innovations LLC Pittsburgh, PA
  N241-069 Advanced Silicon Carbide Materials Lihue, HI
  N241-069 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
---- Direct to Phase II ----
  N241-D03 Light Integration Technologies Seattle, WA
  N241-D03 Princeton Innotech Inc PRINCETON JCT, NJ
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