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Navy SBIR 24.1 BAA Topics

Pre-released 11/29/23   |   Opened to receive proposals 1/03/24   |   Now Closes 2/07/24 2/21/24 12:00pm ET

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Navy Phase I Instructions & Topics
  • Navy_SBIR_241_v6.pdf   (1/3/24)
  • Navy Direct to Phase II Instructions & Topics
  • Navy_SBIR_241_DP2_v2.pdf   (1/3/24)
  • List of Navy 24.1 SBIR Modifications - as of 2/9/24
  • DoD Instructions & Submission
  • DoD 24.1 SBIR BAA Instructions Preface
  • DoD DSIP BAA Submission & Information Website

  • [24.1 Topics] NAVAIR & SSP - Direct to Phase II Topics:
    N241-D01   NAVAIR - Ultrahigh-Dynamic Range Photonic-Assisted Direct Digitization Receiver
    N241-D02 Q&A NAVAIR - Safeguarding Warfighter Medical Data: Secure Encrypted Transmission of Physiologic Monitoring (PhysMon) Data
    N241-D03   SSP - Extended Lifetime Near-Infrared Lasers for Quantum Sensing
    [24.1 Topics] MCSC - Standard Topics:
    N241-001 Q&A Durable Wheel End Drive for Amphibious Vehicles
    N241-002 Q&A Medical Echelon of Care Conceptual Models for Wargaming
    N241-003 Q&A Lower-Cost Textiles for Dismounted Signature Management
    N241-004 Q&A Atmospheric Water Generation - On The Move (AWG-OTM)
    [24.1 Topics] NAVAIR - Standard Topics:
    N241-005 Q&A Electrically Small Antennas at High Frequency
    N241-006 Q&A Two-color Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) LED Array Infrared Scene Projector (IRSP)
    N241-007 Q&A Multi-Information Distribution System for Software Defined Radios
    N241-008 Q&A Oxygen Sensor for Fuel Tank Environment
    N241-009 Q&A Adjustable Shock Absorber for Oversized Application
    N241-010 Q&A Generalized Fragment Mass Estimation Library from 3D Stereoscopic Data
    N241-011 Q&A   Generative Artificial Intelligence for Scenario Generation and Communications Analysis
    N241-012 Q&A Real-Time Thrust Control of Solid Propellants
    N241-013 Q&A Multi-target Bayesian Tracking for Air Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Systems
    N241-014 Q&A Non-Destructive Evaluation for Corrosions/Defects of Naval Air Vehicles
    N241-015 Q&A Enhanced Emissivity in High-Speed Window Materials
    N241-016 Q&A Frost Icephobic Coating for Subfreezing Environmental Control Systems (ECS) Components
    N241-017 Q&A Speedy UAV Swarms Detection, Identification, and Tracking using Deep Learning-Based Fusion Methodology for Radar and Infrared Imagers
    N241-018   Acoustic Watermarking for Air ASW Systems
    N241-019 Q&A Wideband 16x12 Non-Blocking Radio Frequency Switch
    N241-020   High-Speed Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Optical Backplane for Avionics Applications
    N241-021 Q&A High-Temperature, High-Efficiency Electrical Starter/Generator
    [24.1 Topics] NAVSEA - Standard Topics:
    N241-022 Q&A Precision Sensing for AS(X) Submarine Tenders
    N241-023 Q&A High Reliability Flame Detector
    N241-024   Vertical Launch System High Speed Interface
    N241-025 Q&A Advanced Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Techniques for Automated Target Recognition (ATR) Using Small/Reduced Data Sets
    N241-026   Automatic Boresight Alignment of Optical Sensors
    N241-027 Q&A Precision Stabilization of Large, Wide Field of View Imaging Sensors.
    N241-028 Q&A High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Style Spray for Rapid Cure Ultra-High Solid (UHS) Coating Systems
    N241-029   Advanced Acoustic Hailing
    N241-030 Q&A Acoustic Training Data Prioritization
    N241-031 Q&A Silver-Oxide/Zinc Battery Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Tool
    N241-032 Q&A Air Cushioned Vehicle Erosion Resistant Coatings
    N241-033   Inert Gas Reclamation for Minimally-Enclosed Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Additive Manufacturing (AM) Equipment
    N241-034 Q&A Modular and Scalable Extended-Sonobuoy Deployment System
    N241-035 Q&A Coordinated Effectiveness Assessment
    N241-036 Q&A Virtual Well Deck Operations Trainer: Line Handling
    N241-037   Weapons Scheduling for Uncertain Weapon-Target Assignment
    N241-038   Runtime Software Verification for Non-Standard Compute Infrastructure
    N241-039 Q&A   Portable Boats & Small Craft Assembly Kits
    N241-040 Q&A Additive Manufacturing of Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics
    N241-041 Q&A High Power Optical Splitter for Laser Weapon Systems
    N241-042 Q&A Compact Rapid Attack Weapon (CRAW) 100HP Electric Powerplant
    N241-043 Q&A Extended Reality (XR) for Use in Naval Shipyard Industrial Environments
    N241-044 Q&A Rapid Scalable Time Synchronization
    N241-045 Q&A Composite Launch Tube (LT) for the Compact Rapid Attack Weapon (CRAW)
    N241-046   Micro Inertial Measurement Unit for Maritime Navigation
    N241-047   [DON has removed topic N241-047 from the 24.1 SBIR BAA]
    N241-048   Virtualized Naval Tactical Data System Interfaces over Ethernet
    N241-049   Shipboard Proof Testing Apparatus for Field-Expedient Parts
    N241-050 Q&A Forces Afloat Man Overboard Persons in the Water (PIWs) Recovery
    N241-051 Q&A Enhanced Radome Design
    N241-052 Q&A Energy Harvesting for Underwater Persistent Systems
    N241-053 Q&A Additively Manufactured Polymer Tooling for Rubber Compression Molding
    [24.1 Topics] ONR - Standard Topics:
    N241-054 Q&A Probabilistic Forecasts of High Impact Weather on Medium Range to Subseasonal Timescales using Artificial Intelligence
    N241-055 Q&A Generative Text Engine for Form Completion
    N241-056   Autonomous, Mission-based Traffic Engineering
    N241-057 Q&A Networking Platform for Real-time Communication of Personnel Health Status and Location during Shipboard Emergencies
    N241-058 Q&A Multi-Sensor Prototype for Non-Destructive Corrosion Evaluation and Characterization
    N241-059 Q&A Wideband Interference Suppression
    N241-060 Q&A Ultra-High Reliable and Efficient Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) Modular Generator System
    N241-061   Multi-variable Unmanned Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) system assessment and optimization toolkit
    N241-062   Innovative Low Profile, Foldable, High Power Microwave Antenna
    N241-063 Q&A Naval Shipboard Embedded Battery Containment System
    N241-064 Q&A Advanced Wearable Integration and Synchronization Hub (AWISH)
    N241-065 Q&A Advanced Nondestructive Inspection System for Detection and Characterization of Corrosion under Thick Coatings
    N241-066   Laser Magazine
    N241-067 Q&A Common Software Platform for Learning-based Robots
    [24.1 Topics] SSP - Standard Topics:
    N241-068   Fast Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Shutters for Stellar Sensing Applications
    N241-069 Q&A Deterministic Precision Machining of Miniature Optics in Hard Ceramics

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